Reader's Questions Answered

Reader’s questions answered:

Hey Ren, I was wondering, about products to use for contouring those cheekbones. I noticed you use both mineralize skinfinish AND MAC'S sculpt and shape duo. Is the mineralize skinfinish used to set your makeup or can you just use it to contour? I've noticed in another blog that it's used as mainly a contouring powder, that's why I ask.

I actually use the sculpt & shape duo to contour. the msf natural is used as my setting powder...i like it because it gives my skin a glow as opposed to normal setting powder which can look too matte or cakey. i've heard that many use the msf natural as a contour as well...this requires going a shade or two darker than what you would normally use...for skin tone matches msf natural in med dark. i would choose the msf in dark to contour. so you can you the sculpt & shape duo, or the's up to you! hope this helps :)

Hi RenRen,

I'd like to quickly say that I'm a huge fan of your makeup blog, and I visit your site daily. It's truly a great resource for anything related to make-up, and your tutorials are awesome! I know that a few posts back you mentioned starting your side bus. of applying makeup for brides and bridal parties. I was hoping I could ask you a few questions based on your experience. I'm actually going to be doing makeup for a bride and her 5 bridesmaids this coming Saturday (ekkk... )! I've got most of what I really need, but I wanted to get an idea from you whether or not there were a few tools I could do without this time around (i.e. disposable razors, etc.) and things you may have left off your list that you later found would have been helpful.

Any advice will be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much!

Hi Hon!

Thanks for reading and checking out my site.

I definitely have a list of must-haves that I found helpful for working a wedding. I know you’ll do great! Just remember, make sure to use face and eye primer. It will really make that makeup stay!

Here are some things I definitely needed that you might not think of
-bobby pins
-small pair of nail scissors
-fashion tape (to help fasten loose straps, etc…they’ll love you for this!)
-alcohol in spray bottle
-lots of makeup brushes…if you have disposable lipstick brushes use these instead of a lip brush--it really cuts down on time
-safety pins
-disposable scoop out product and quickly toss away
-hand sanitizer...use this between each person
-blotting powder for touch ups
-if they’re already dressed make sure you have a makeup cape/or the kind they use at the salon so they don’t get dirty
-extra primer
-fix plus
-extra lashes just in case
-hair pins to hold back their hairdo
That’s pretty much it besides the makeup, lol.

You can go without
-razors (I didn’t need this)
-hair spray (if you're not doing hair)
-brushes and combs

Let me know how it works out for you!