Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Revisiting Neo Sci-Fi, Solar Fields, Future Earth ...

Hi Bellas,

A few days ago I filmed my haul video for this new collection from M.A.C. I stated in the video that I wanted to give myself some time to get a feel for some of these products and give additional swatches to other M.A.C products so you can see how they compare.

Let's start off with Neo Sci-Fi and their shawdows, and Solar Fields and their Solar Bits.

I posted some colors from M.A.C that I thought were in the similar color family. I put initials next to the eyeshadows so I could remember which ones they were.

On the left column, you have Time and Space on the top and Woodwinked on the bottom. On the right column you have Tempting, Bronze, and Bronzescape. You can click on the picture to expand. They all look pretty different in the picture. I think the lighting might also play into that though. Woodwinked and Time and Space look like they could be related in person.

The next swatches are of the Black Ore Solar Bits. I wanted to see how it would look under different bases. I used from left to right: blacktrack fluidline, the eyeshadow by itself, and then cashflow paint pot. You can see the cashflow definitely brings out more gold, the blacktrack brings out more black, and the shadow by itself is in the middle. You actually don't need a pigmented base to make this shadow stand out. But you do need something underneath to help it stick.

Volcanic Ash Exfoliator

I also finally got a chance to try out my sample of the Volcanic Ash Exfoliator. I was a bit nervous because I have sensitive skin and I didn't know if the scrub would be too harsh. The MA's said the granules are made of sugar and dissolve into the skin as you blend it in. When I applied, I put some on my fingertips and proceeded to rub it into my face. The fragrance is actually a pretty strong floral scent. I did notice the the scrub was a bit rough. I had to be very gentle. I think I should have wet my face before I applied it. When I rubbed it in, I didn't notice the sugar dissolving like it had done in my hand at the store. After I added some water it was a little smoother but still hadn't broken down completely. I didn't want to keep bruising up my face so I just washed it off with warm water. Afterwards, I noticed my face felt really clean and kind of tight. Actually, it felt a bit dry afterwards. I don't really like that feeling since my skin is already dry. The next morning, I didn't notice any breakouts so that was good. All in all, I think I would prefer this one as a body scrub. It seemed a bit too harsh for the face. I'm going to skip out on buying this one.

Prep and Prime Microfine Lip Refinisher

When I heard about this product I was sooooo excited. I have major chap lip problems! I haven't tried any of MAC's lip conditioners before, but I thought I would jump on this since it was two in one. It has a conditioner on one half and the scrub on the other. On specktra, they said you applied it like a normal lip balm, with both sides working together. Rub in with your finger, and then wipe off with damp cloth. I tried it that way and wasn't satisfied. I think I like using the scrubby side first so it can really slough off the dead skin, then use the moisturizing side afterwards. I don't think this product is a did get some dry skin off but I had to kind of rub the rest of my chapped lip skin off on a towel afterwards (sorry, was that TMI?). However, my friend Melissa tried it out and she loved it.


missxxmai said...

I was going to purchase the lip refinsher, but the lady told me that she wouldn't suggest it. She had told me that the concern was it was a 2 in 1. Sounded great, but it just didn't work so well!

Anyhow, I love reading your blog! I actually started at youtube, and then continued on here. Now I just can't leave! LOL, thanks for all the helpful info! Keep up the good work =)

Joyce said...

Hey sis have you tried Mary Kay's Satin Lips Lip Mask? Its a GREAT lip exfoliator. I bought mines from eBay for like less than %5.00 :)

ilurvemakeup said...

That Volcanic Ash Exfoliator is weird, I'd be scared to use it for some reason :s As for the Rimmel foundation primer, no worries girly! :) I'm just glad I was able to test it out and return :)

Vanessa said...

Great comparisons sis! I am loving Black Ore, Femme Fi, and Magnetic Fields!

Lily said...

thanks for the review. i've been wondering about this one since i have dry skin too and pretty much everything dries it out.

i'm sorry you didn't have any luck with the microfine lip refinisher. i bought it and i love it lol. i only use it as an exfoliator though since chapstick pretty much does the job just as well when it comes to the balm part.

Emilee @ GMM said...

I got a sample of the exfoliator today because it was completely sold out at my store! I haven't tried it yet, but I'm kind of curious as my skin needs a little exfoliating lately. :P

I liked the e/s, but a lot of them were similar enough that I didn't bother with purchasing them. Pretty collection, though. Thanks for the swatches!

MakeupByRenRen said...

missxxmai: yah i thought it was just okay too...but i'm glad that you stopped by!

joyce: ohhhh no i haven't...i've been looking for one too, thanks!

lurve: well i'm glad you could return it!

vanessa: me too!

lily: yah, def got me some dry skin...i think i'm using mine pretty much for the exfoliator too

emilee: no prob, let me know how you like the exoliator :)