Friday, May 23, 2008

Anastasia Brow Tutorial

Hi Bellas,

So many videos, so little time! I took a sick day, cough cough wink wink, on Tuesday and filmed 5 makeup videos! On top of it all, MAC’s new collection came out on Wednesday– Neo Sci- Fi, Solar Fields, and Future Earth. I like to make regular videos and then prioritize how I like to release them. I know that I needed to get this video out asap since I already posted a review, but I was almost conflicted because I wanted to get my MAC Haul Video up too. Instead, I decided to stay in chronological order and post this eyebrow tutorial first. I’m actually going to wait till today to get my new MAC products since I have a half day at work for Memorial Weekend, woo hoo! Anyways, back to the topic at hand.

As you all know, I reviewed the Anastasia Line of Brow Products recently. I wanted to make sure and get a tutorial out on it as well. You can see from the video that my eyebrows had an amazing before and after when I used these products.

For those of you unable to view the video, I will provide the simple steps to obtain amazing eyebrows.
1) Start with a clean face. Place the stencil shape you choose over your eyebrow, making sure your own eyebrow hair is within the stencil cutout.
2) Dip the eyebrow brush into the eyebrow shading powder—you can choose the lighter color, the darker color, or mix both to obtain a custom shade. Fill in the stencil.
3) Remove stencil. Pluck any stray hairs with the tweezers.
4) Use an eyebrow pencil to touch up any missed areas—I like to go over the top and bottom lines of my eyebrow to make a more defined shape.
5) Brush eyebrow gel to set eyebrows into place.
6) Finish up with Eye Lights Highlighter pencil. Draw a line underneath your eyebrow and above is you wish, and blend into the skin.
And you’re done! It should really take you two minutes to do this. In the video I did both eyebrows using different products on each so that you can get an idea of how they work differently.

Of course I didn’t take any pictures! But luckily I can do my Print Screen option and capture still shots of the video. Sorry it’s not the best quality, but you can still see the difference. For a better look, check out the video.



You can find Anastasia products at www.Anastasia .net , Nordstroms, or Sephora. Make sure to check out my review for dupes.

Till next time, Ciao Bellas!


ilurvemakeup said...

I want that kit so bad after all the guru reviews lol BUT SO EXPENSIVE GAAAAH!

yummy411 said...

so sweet of you to think of those that can't view vids!!

missFEISTY* said...

I have always walked by it at sephora and looked at it but never really thought i needed it.. but since you did this great video i think im going to try it! By the way your awesome and very pretty =)

Grayburn said...

Result looks great and seems easy enough! Thanks for doing a step by step for us!


Mike said...

been thinking of getting this for quite a long time now and after watching your videos .. i should def. have this! thank you gorgeous!

what shade are you using btw? :)

ellaine reyes said...

Hi! I really want this brow powder.
I've been searching for it almost everywhere online. I am looking for a cheaper way and can ship to philippines. Please help where can I find this please dont include Nordstorm because i've been there already, So expensive.