Friday, April 11, 2008

Things I'm Passionate About...

So I was tagged by a few of you…so hopefully you’ll get to know me better!

Things I'm passionate about:
-my culture- Philippines represent!
-giving and getting respect
-my friends
-my family
-my boyfriend
-equality among all races, sects, and genders
-seeing my friends and family happy

Things I'd like to do before I die:
-travel the world with my boyfriend-eating exotic foods and learning about new cultures
-get married to my BF, having kids, a nice house, a dog, the whole shebang!
-quit corporate life and have my own successful business
-have my name in headlines-not saying I want to be famous, but recognized for my work
-learn to be completely happy with myself
-start a non-profit organization/scholarship fund

Things I say often
-hey girl!
-get it girl!
-I love you
-camp kukamunga (when something is crazy!)
-leery jeery (for creepy men who leer at you)
-that’s weird
-that’s interesting

Books I've read recently:
-The Rape of Nanking
-Girls of Rijaad

Songs I could listen to over and over
-Old school R&B – Mary J Blige Real Love – Whitney Houston – I wanna dance with somebody
-Where Did My Baby Go by John Legend
- Tainted Love
-Always be my baby – Mariah Carey
-Mo Town Hits

Traits I'm attracted to in my friends (in no particular order)
-will be there for me when I need them – from a flat tire, to a breakup
-friends that got my back-if someone tries to jump me, they better jump in too!
-able to tell me that I’m being whack and need to improve
-can confront me openly and honestly..i hate the silent treatment and pettiness
-good supporters and listeners
-can let loose!
-down to earth
-shopping buddies!
-able to laugh out loud
--friends that I can chill on the couch and watch the Hills with, to travel the world with, to attend church with, to go to the club with: I’m real hard core with the friends I have…most of my friends are the kind that I’ve known for years and that I can trust completely…I’ve keeping a tally of future bridesmaids!

I tag everybody!


Vanessa said...

LOL Leery Jeery!

spankedelic said...

i added you to the contest =)

Bliss said...

Ooo its great to know you better hhehe, ive always wanted to read Rape of Nanking, was it good?, The Hills are good for some form of escapism from reality hhehe

(g)ezebel said...

hmmm. *wonders how to use this info for monetary gain*