Eyeshadow Tape Trick

Hi Bellas,

On thursday night/restaurant date night with the BF I was inspired to try a new makeup trick that I saw on specktra. One of the lovely ladies named GlamYOURus did a Kim Kardashian look with a twist. She did a great job, totally inspring.

The thing that made this look hot was the angles of the eyeshadow. She picked up a tip where you take tape and place it on the eyes to create an extremely angle. You shadow within the tape and then peel if off when you're done. Afterwards you get an extremely defined outer V. This is a similar method to when people use rectangular stickers or business cards to create an extreme chiseled look when applying blush or bronzer (a fav trick of funky makeup artists and drag queens too!)

You can use any regular scotch tape lying around the house. It's best if it's not TOO sticky because it will hurt more...think of pulling a band-aid off. I used giftwrap tape and it came off easily with no problem. Place one piece of tape at a diagonal from the end of your eyebrow to the corner of your outer eye. I decided to add my own take on the look and add another piece of tape. Take another piece and put it at a 50 degree angle from the top of where your order V would begin and ending a the middle of the eyebrow. Pat it down flat so there are no gaps and bubbles. Just like when you're painting a wall and you place that blue tape along the edges so that it's a smooth line and no paint goes underneath--think the same thing with your eyeshadow. I took a pic so you could see what I mean.

***Please ignore my crazy hair and eyebrows...I jus woke up!

You can also adjust the tape to make any other shapes you want. This is a great tip for halloween if you're creating a mask effect that requires straight lines.

The look I wore on Thursday night is very simple. Oh and just in case you're wondering, I wore my pure hazel freshlook contacts. Personally I love them but my boyfriend hates them. He told me I look like a vampire, lol. But he has an aversion to colored contacts. I personally can't wear them everyday because my vision is hindered with colored contacts...but I just ran out of clear and needed to see with something!

When I went to eat that night, the girl at the restaurant complimented my eyeshadow and immediately asked if it was MAC. LOL, us MAC-addicts are everywhere!

Here's what I used:
All products MAC unless otherwise mentioned:

-bare canvas paint
-carbon e/s
-gesso e/s
-ricepaper e/s
-spiked eyebrow pencil
-N.Y.C glamour lashes
-fluidline in blacktrack
-max factor 2000 calorie mascara
-smolder eye kohl

-mineralized satinfinish natural in medium dark
-select moisture concealer in NW37
-sculpt and shape duo in lightsweep and shadester
-msf warmed

-bonus beat lipglass
-lipstick in 4N