Friday, April 18, 2008

Been gone but haven't forgotten...

Hi Bellas,

Sorry i've been kind of MIA lately. I've got a bunch of posts saved as drafts but I haven't finished them. I also have videos that I need to upload. I've just been very occupied lately.

For one, I have terrible allergies. I also wear contacts on a daily basis. They are the kind that you sleep in. I hardly ever wear my glasses...maybe once every month and a half when my eye gets really irritated for whatever reason. However, with allergy season kicking in, I've been wearing my glasses for almost two weeks straight. This is unheard of for me. For this reason, I haven't been doing any makeup tutorials. I'm not insinuating that just because you wear glasses that you can't wear makeup...because you can. My thing is that my eyes are too irritated, my nose is too runny to even try. I actually did try and it was a hot mess!

Morever, i'm not trying to share my drama with everyone...but I decided that I need to move out of my apartment this week and my lease is up April 30th! I've been living with my best friend of 18 years since freshman year of college. The last two years another friend of ours has been living with us in a three bedroom apartment. We had a pow bow and decided that the best thing for everyone was for me to move out...both of them are single and I have my boyfriend around 24/7. You can see the complications that causes right? Don't worry...there's not tension or was a little emotional for me because my roomies are my best friends but in the end it's best for everyone. My boyfriend and I will be able to grow and i'll also become more independent.

With that said, I started looking for an apartment Monday and after some crazy hunting was approved for one Thursday afternoon! I'm so excited. The place is soooooo's smaller than I'm used to after living in a large three bedroom apartment for the last couple of years, but it's perfect for me and the boyfriend. Mind you, he still has his own apartment but we'll pretty much be living together like we've done for the past two years. The only difference is that I don't have to worry about bothering my roomies. I'm so excited to decorate!

Anyways, like I said i've been busy planning the move...making lists for things I need to buy since I'm going to be starting from scratch.

I haven't forgotten you guys...and I'm sorry for being MIA. I'm planning on posting a video in the next few days. Just a heads up...the next two weeks might be a little crazy because i'm not sure how much time and computer access i'll have during the move. However I have a few things that I've been working on that you guys can look forward to. They're all sitting there waiting for me to finish them up so you guys can take a looksy.

Blog Entries:
-New Michael Brushes Review
-Posh Brushes Review
-Pink and Purple picture tutorial entry for Lurve's contest
-My FOTD/interpretation of MAC's Naughty Nauticals using my own products
-Wedding Pics and Reflections
-MAC pigment sale

-MAC full on lust look: smokey gray/blue eyes and pink lips per viewer request
-Tiger Eyes Video
-Blue and Green Pastel Easter Look using MAC pigments

Thanks for your patience guys, after I get over this little hump i'll be back in full force. Ciao bellas!


Christiana Divine @ Memoirs of A Shopping Addict said...

good luck on finding and getting your own apartment. :) i'm glad you and your friends didn't separate on bad terms. :)

spankedelic said...

Glad you found a new place! I love my best friend, but I know we wouldn't be able to live togeher. Heck, I probably couldn't even live with my own sister! It's just easier to have your own place without worrying if you're bothering anyone else or if they feel uncomfortable when you have guests over!

Bliss said...

Get well soon dear, allergies does make you tired , Nice to hear that you found an apartment already and parted on good terms, ooo congrats on living together hehe:), cannot wait to see the apartment if you want to show us how it looks like later, take your time :D.

Ethereal Prey said...

take pics of your new place!

yummy411 said...

i deal with allergies a heck of a lot! i know what you are going thru. today was so beautiful, but i couldn't muster up the energy to do anything b/c of the allergies! feel better soon! what do you take? zyrtec has been a life saver!

good luck on the apt deal. what a change but like you said, only for the better!

look forward to your posts. the pink and purple tut will come after the contest right? i love these 'challenges'!

enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Joey said...

Good luck with solving your apartment problems. I'm having housing problems of my own too ): And I hope your allergies are feeling better--my boyfriend has really bad allergies and I feel soo bad for him when they freak out, haha.

Can't wait for your new posts!

mayaari said...

that's good that you and your friends/roomies parted on good terms :) and congrats to finding an apartment so quickly! i'm sure once you get settled & decorate your new place you'll love it very quickly :)

mina said...

I'm glad you're back and I hope those allergies go away soon!
New apt!!! woohoo, so exciting! Now you and your boyfriend can make all the noise you want! lol.

Vanessa said...

I love moving! I can't wait till the BF and I can move to a new house, which won't be for another how many years, oh but the planning is exciting!

(g)ezebel said...

gah. when i first started dating my hubby, i had that SAME problem with MY roommates!! 'cept i had no problem leaving those bitches behind. bwahahaha

anyways, congrats on the new place -- i think you'll like it much better. :0)