Makeup for Allergy Season

 Hi Bellas,

Spring has officially sprung. We are loving the warm weather but not so much the pollen and seasonal allergies. Did you know that you can make your makeup allergy proof? Here are a few tips from a Pro Makeup Artis

Tip 1 - Refrigerate your skincare
During allergy season, you may suffer from irritated and sensitive skin. An easy tip is to take your skincare and place it in the refrigerator. We suggest buying a mini counter top fridge and storing your products on your bathroom counter. Applying the chilled product will not only feel great, but will also depute any puffy areas.

Tip 2 - Waterproof Your Makeup
If there's any time that you should be pulling out your waterproof mascara, it's now. With more allergens in the air we're more prone to sneezing and watery eyes. Avoid the raccoon look and apply waterproof makeup like mascara, eyeliner and applying a setting spray to save the rest of the face.

Tip 3 - Cancel out redness
You may notice red areas on your skin - a raw red nose, or irritated patches of skin. This is a temporary condition that we can easily cover with makeup. Use a green color corrector to cancel out these red areas. We love Smashbox's Green Color Correcting Primer. Just apply it with your finger tips to the red areas and you'll instantly see those areas toned down and neutralized.

We hope your makeup stays looking fabulous this allergy season. If you want a little more help, let our Pro Makeup Instructors sit with you during a One on One Makeup Lesson.