Euphoria Inspired Makeup

Hi Bellas,

Have you been inspired by the makeup on the hit show "Euphoria" on HBO? I definitely have! The graphic liner, rhinestones, pops of color - it's giving me all the makeup feels. Interested in learning how to get the look? I've got you covered. Check it out!

One of the super talented IMA Alumni Beth Mello specializes in fantasy makeup looks. She's a pro at rhinestone and pearl appliqué, which is key to the Euphoria inspired look.

Beth sat with us and showed us how to get the look using her signature technique of applying 3D makeup in her Pearl Makeup Masterclass.

She breaks down the tools you need including a rhinestone sticky tool that makes application so much easier. She then shows how to map out the jewels and place them onto the skin.  

Beth also shows you a complete makeup from gorgeous glowy skin to a lovely application of a pearl duo chrome makeup that perfectly compliments the pearl jewels.

If you're interested in learning to get Euphoria inspired Makeup, check out our Pearl Makeup Masterclass today!