Makeup 101: How to Pick Out The Perfect Lipstick

 Hi Bellas,

I'm back with another post inspired by some of my students at Industry Makeup Academy.  A few of them asked, "How do you know what lip color to choose?".  I'm sure many of us have our favorite lippies, but there's actually a science to knowing which lip product looks best.

Color Theory

1) Makeup Artists use color theory to know how to pick makeup shades.  For lip color, they'll pick something using a complementary shades.  All you have to do is look at a color wheel, and look at your color (whether it's your hair, outfit or eyeshadow) and pick the color opposite to know that it'll be a perfect match.  For example, red and green are complementary shades.  You can apply a red lipstick if you're wearing a green dress.

Match Your Natural Lip Color

2) When in doubt, use your natural lip color as a match.  Find a similar shade of lip product but with a pop.  We call this "My Lips But Better".  If you have natural brown tones to you lip, pick something earthy toned like a mauve shade.

4) Nude or Bold

The rule of thumb is that you choose one feature to pop.  So if you have a smokey eye, go with a nude lip.  If you want your lips to be the focus, like a red lip, go more subtle on the eyes.

Look at Undertone

3) If you know your foundation shade, you'll generally be neutral, warm or cool.  Lipsticks also have an undertone.  For example, if you tend to tan easily and have a warm undertone, go for shades like peaches and vibrant pinks.

5) Match the cheeks and eyes

Monochromatic makeup is on trend and easy to apply.  Generally you apply the whole color scheme to your makeup.  So if you're gong for pink on the eyes and cheeks, choose a similar pink tone on the lips. It's super chic and it always works.

Hope these tips were helpful.  Now spill the tea - what are some of your go to lip colors?