Pat Pat Matching Family Clothing Haul - Is it a Scam?

Hi Bellas,

Have any of you all been so tempted by those social media sponsored ads?  Well I caved and decided to try some outfits from because I just couldn't resist the adorable matching family outfits.  Bella Hubby and I filmed a haul and I was definitely surprised by the quality and fit.  Check out the video on my YouTube channel to see if the site is legit or a fail.

Check out the video!

This was my first time shopping at this website.  I knew I was taking a risk because sometimes these affordable clothing websites are just too good to be true.  I found a couple of discount codes and they do a lot of specials so I got 3 bathing suits, 2 baby dresses and 2 mommy dresses for around $85.

First thing I noticed is that yes the outfits do match.  First up is the mustard flutter sleeve outfit.  I thought baby's onesie was pretty cute.  She is wearing size 12-18 months which is a little big for her at 11 months.  It came with a piece of material as a belt which seemed unnecessary since the straps were so long they tied around her waist twice as a belt.  My outfit was more disappointing.  It was pretty frumpy and there were design flaws especially in the bottom area where there was gaping and unevenness.  I bought a size medium thinking it would be asian sizing but it was a little big surprisingly.  In general I found that many of the matching mommy outfits weren't that cute and this one was one I would skip.

This floral ginger outfit had more promise.  Baby's dress was still too big but I like the's a little bit polyester-y but a pretty print.  I wish baby girl's outfit had a little more design to it because it was more like a sack dress.  

Mommy's outfit had a cuter design but when I put it on I noticed some major flaws.  The part covering the but was unlined and barely covered by chest - you can see by my strapless bra that is completely exposed.  The waist line was also a little big again so there was a big gap of skin in the center of my stomach.  Not cute at all.  I would pass on both these pieces.

Lastly I had to try the matching family swim suits.  I think this would be a great look for a family beach photo.  I ordered a size medium and found the top to be super big but the bottom a little snug but it fit.  That's the problem with swimsuit sets, they rarely fit both the top and bottom correctly.  Baby' girl's swimsuit was an exact match but also two big.  It definitely fit more like a 2T size.   Hubby's swim shorts seemed like a cheaper material...not like the typical board short you see but really the exact material as my bathing suit bottom and it was missing a zipper and clasp.  I would get this set for a picture but don't expect the quality to be that great.

So would I buy from PatPat again?  Probably not...the return shipping policy is way too strict and a lot of the pieces were off.  I found a couple of Amazon sellers who offer the same thing for slightly more but there's free return shipping so I would do that instead.  I hope this was helpful!  If you have any questions or want me to try an other fashion websites let me know in the comments below!