My Current Amazon Favorites and Must Haves - Lifestyle, Baby and Weight Loss

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It's been a long time since I've done a favorites video.  I've been doing better curtailing my shopping but there are some things I buy time and time again or that I really can't live without.  Of course I had to feature my favorite store - Amazon.  I'm obsessed with 2 day free shipping and returns.  It makes my life so much easier and you can really buy anything.  Today's favorites features fitness, health, baby, beauty and household - a little bit of everything.  Check it out!

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Carole Martin Strapless Bra
This bra is so comfy (no underwire or cups) , and the lace center looks super cute and makes it into a bralette that looks cute poking through tops.  It's super affordable too.

Homma High Waist Compression Leggings 
I liked these so much I bought them twice.  They suck everything in - probably the highest compression leggings I've ever purchased.  Awesome for mommy pooches and muffin tops.  

Yianna Workout Vest 

This is a sports bra and waist trimmer in one.  I wore this a bunch while doing cardio to keep everything from flopping around.  I was able to do more intense exercise as I was recovering during post partum because of it.

Sweet Sweat Waist Trimmer $20.95 
This exercise band is great quality it's lasted me for years.  I switched to it after wearing the vest above because it gave me more flexibility when I started doing more weight training and I needed to flex my shoulders more.  Makes my tummy sweat, holds in any loose skin while I'm jumping around and doesn't pop off unlike some waist trimmers.

Isopure Protein Powder $42 
The net carbs per scoop is zero!  This is great for Keto or Low Carbers.  The taste is mildly sweet but the macros make it worth it.

Perfect Keto MCT Oil Powder in Salted Caramel $38.99 
I add this to my shakes to increase my fat content for kept.  But honestly the reason I really use it is because it makes my protein shakes taste amazing.

Sweat Leaf Stevia Sweet Drops 4 oz $15.29 
This is my go to sweetener.  It's one of the healthiest sugar alternatives, has the perfect amount of sweetness (just right!) and the bottle lasts forever.

Nature’s Sunshine VegiTabs $17.43 
If you have a problem with regular bowel movements but you want a natural alternative that doesn't make your stomach hurt, this is it.  My friend who owns a natural spa referred me to it and I've been using it consistently for the last two years.  What a lifesaver.

Weleda Skinfood $9.11 
This is a miracle cream for dry skin.  Famous MUA KJ Bennett referenced it and I purchased it because it was such a great price.  It's great for dry patches and sensitive skin.

6 pack of Silicone stretch Lids $11.97 
This seems random but it's so handy.  I got this pack of silicone lids to put on any bowls or Tupperware after I saw another mommy vlogger mention them.  I use them to cover my baby bowls when Bella has leftovers.

Electric Fly Swatter Racket $12.49 
I've used this so much this summer to get pesky house flys or even spiders that have infiltrated our house.  It's much easier than squishing bugs (eww!) or using harsh chemical bug sprays which I try to avoid now that I have a baby running around.  Seriously, another life saver.

Striderite Baby Sneakers $24.99 
This was the best sneaker I could have purchased for my newly walking baby.  It's like a sandal/sneaker so you don't have to put on baby socks and they're easy to slip on and don't fall off.  I wish they had more colors.

Hope you all enjoyed my favorites!  If you want to see more, I've divided them by category on my Amazon page.  

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FTC DIsclosure: Video is not sponsored.  I am not being paid to make this video but I have included affiliate links which I will make a commission on based on purchases.  As always these are always my honest thoughts and opinions.