11 Months Baby Update - First Baby!

Hi Bellas,

I can't believe my little girl is 11 months old!  She has 6 teeth, is recovering from being ultra spoiled and we're currently planning her first birthday party!  Enjoy the cuteness!

Check out the video!

Baby Updates
  • Suction Cup Bowls - Bella is eating and picking up food with her fingers.  I find clean up much more simple by putting suction cup bowls on her high chair table.  Problem is that sometimes her strong self can pick up the whole bowl and tip over all the food, oyvay!
  • Florida Trip - We visited my parents in Florida and Bella got super spoiled.  Now she's super clingy and cries more.  She was doing so well but when you get babies off schedule it takes a while to get them back on.
  • Balls - Bella is officially loving playing with bouncy balls.  She loves to throw them in the air and crawl after them.
  • High Fives - Bella is getting better at giving us high fives.  So cute!
  • Teeth - In Florida we noticed that Bella's top 4 teeth started coming through all at once!  She also has another one coming in the bottom.
  • First Birthday - We're currently planning Bellas first birthday.  Here's a picture of the invitation below, can you guess the theme?

I'm going to try and get footage of the actual birthday and do a vlog of her turning one.  Stay tuned!