Bridal Before and After: Chinese Traditional Tea Ceremony

Hi Bellas,

I wanted to share pictures from a recent wedding makeup I did.  I gave the bride a classic glam.  Interestingly enough we made some changes to her makeup on a whim the day of.  Check it out!

For her bridal trial, my client specifically requested very natural makeup.  She doesn't wear makeup naturally and didn't want to look like a different person on her big day.  

When I arrived to do makeup on the big day, I was surprised to see that the bridal party's makeup was extremely glam.  A separate artist was doing their makeup.  As a result, the bride said she could step her makeup up a little bit.  Knowing what I knew about the bride, I knew she still wanted something pretty natural.  I ended up defining her brows a bit more and smoking out her liner.

Here is the makeup during the bridal trial.

And here is the makeup for the big day.

She also was wary of a traditional red lip which was the typical look for her traditional Chinese Tea Ceremony.   We came up with a compromise with a light shimmer on the eye and a muted, red gloss on the lips.

And here's the before and after

Hope you all enjoyed.  If you're interested in booking me for your big day, check out my website