8 month Post Partum and Baby Update - First Baby!

Hi Bellas,

My little baby is growing up!  Arabella is super active.  She's got real teeth, two of them!  I talk about how I'm managing her mixed hair and tell you more about my mommy snapback plan.

Check out the video!

Mommy Updates
  • Fitness - I've finally started working out.  I've been doing YouTube videos at home when I have free time.  I feel so much better and stronger.

Baby Updates
  • Teeth! - Baby girl has two front teeth that have sprouted on her bottom center gemlike.  They really came out of nowhere.
  • Standing and Climbing - Baby girl is climbing all over the place. We're starting to baby proof the house including putting away fragile items and putting baby bumpers on tables.
  • Hair - Baby girl has more hair so we've started moving towards using clip on bows instead of headbands since she's got an XL dome, a lot of the old headbands are too small.  I've been using new products on baby girl.  First I detangle with the honest company detangled spray, then I comb out her curls using a Denman brush and finish it with Curly Kids curling lotion.  She's got fine loose curls so it's a challenge to fight the fritz and get her curls to pop.
See you in the next baby update!