Post Partum Haul & Must-Haves - What I Actually Use!

Hi Bellas,

I combined a list of everything I bought for post labor and delivery.  I spent a lot of time watching the advice of other mamas and expectant mama to be's and purchased all this in advance from either Amazon, Wal-Mart or my registry.  I was not playing when it came to pain management and after post partum care.  In case you haven't figured it out the baby is here already but I'm still catching up on videos I filmed pre baby...I'll be doing some heavy uploading so I can share my labor and delivery vlog next week!  Check out my new video on what I actually am currently using and what I could've saved some $$$ on.  Share your favorite postpartum items in the comments below!

Check out the video!

You can find all these items on my Post Partum Essentials List on Amazon

Ingredients for home made padsicles
No color added pure aloe vera, alcohol free witch hazel and overnight maxi pads.  
Optional items - glycerin, lavender oil.  
This is great for pain relief for vaginal deliveries.  I have stitches and soreness and cramps down there.  I really like the instant perineal cold packs from the hospital but these serve as a home replacement.

Post Partum Waist Belt
I wear this every single day and even to sleep.  It's more comfortable than you think.  I started wearing it the day I got home and it really helped with swelling and my stomach has gone down dramatically.  I'm going to continue wearing it to help with the softness and lower belly pooch and to prevent loose skin.

Nipple care/breastfeeding items
The Lansinoh Soothie Gel Pads saved my life when I was in the hospital and first started breastfeeding.  My nipples were sore and getting blood blisters.  The lanolin nipple cream the hospital provideddoes nothing to ease pain but these gel pads, especially worn cold (I kept mine in my hospital water cup on ice) really help with pain till you get the hang of breastfeeding.  I also used the Hot/Cold Gel packs to help with super painful engorgement - I just froze them and reapplied them every time I finished breast feeding.  Lastly, nursing pads are super helpful right now as my breasts leak a ton already!

Vaginal Care Items
I find that I've been using the Dermasol more than the Earth Mama perineal spray.  It helps to cool down the burn down there.  The Frida mama washer is also essential to help keep everything clean down there while the wounds are fresh.  I rotate between wearing pads and the mesh underwear from the hospital which I really liked (ask for extra to take home with you) and the Always discreet underwear.

Here are my home made padsicles.  I find that the hospital perineal ice packs are better and more convenient but these work.  Don't overdo it and add to much aloe or witch hazel because it will create an ice coat the the top of the pad which is too cold.  I put a layer of tissue in between myself and the pad.  These get a little messy as they melt, but they do offer about 20 minutes of relief then you can toss and grab another.

What are some of your postpartum must haves?  Let me know in the comments below!