Packing for Babymoon - Packing Tips for Traveling while Pregnant

Hi Bellas,

Yay for another packing video!  This time around I'm showing you how I pack for my summer babymoon - a week in France, Monaco and Italy!  I tried to pack efficiently so my husband wouldn't have to lug around a bunch of luggage.  I also included some pregnancy travel must haves.  Check it out!

Check out the video!

This is my luggage set up - Personal Item with Carry-On with my Pregnancy Pillows Attached for the Flight


New Bag from Amazon with a Trolley Strap to sit on top of luggage

Samsonite Carry on Luggage, 22 inches, from Ross or TJ Maxx

Pillows - Hiccapop Wedge - great for placing behind my back on the flight, and between my knees and under my belly while sleeping in the hotel

Cabeau Neck Pillow

My Airport Travel Outfit

  • Black belly panel leggings
  • Maternity Bra
  • Compression Socks (helps with swelling, blog clots, varicose veins)
  • Azmed Maternity compression belt
  • Maternity basic tee
  • Long Sleeve Jean Chambray top to layer
  • Sneakers (wear your biggest shoes to wear on the plane)
  • Travel Wedding Ring

What's In My Carry-On Personal Item

  • Phone
  • Passports
  • Wallet
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Gum
  • Lip balm
  • Tissue pack
  • Empty insulated water bottle (this came in so handy to keep beverages cold for hours)
  • Snacks - I like to pack snack bars and trail mix
  • Medicines - i.e. prenatal vitamins, tums, etc.
  • Sunglasses
  • External phone charger bank and usb charging cords - I flew delta and a lot of the airplanes have usb chargers
  • A few empty ziplock bags - to store open snacks, liquid items, etc
  • Toilet paper to go
  • Amazon kindle loaded with books
  • Airplane Emergency Bag I pack for every trip - including earplugs, sleep mask, earphones, etc.
  • Pashmina - use as a scarf or blanket
  • Travel umbrella
  • Selfie Stick
  • Sony a5100 Vlogging Camera
  • Eyeglasses
  • Digital luggage scale
  • Paperwork and important documents - i.e. doctor's note to travel, medical documents, airplane and hotel confirmations, copies of passport, id and credit cards
  • Luggage Locks

What's in My Rolling Carry-On

  • Crossbody purse, large for day and small for evening- great for walking in crowded tourist sites so you have your bag in front of you in case of pick pockets
  • Outfits you need to wear soon - the day after I land I'm doing my maternity photoshoot so I packed my outfit I planned to wear just in case our check in luggage goes missing
  • Hats - baseball and sunhat, very necessary for the summer heat and beach
  • Headbands
  • Bag of electric chargers - include travel converters for the country you're flying to.  France and Italy both had the plug head with two rounded prongs.
  • Voltage converter - converts devices from 120v to 220v
  • Hair Supplies - Dual voltage travel hair curler/flat iron (love this thing), you don't have to use a voltage converter with it.  Hair spray, dry shampoo, hair clip and ties, hair brush.
  • Travelon hanging toiletry bag with toiletries - I like this bag because it has a hook so you can hang it in the bathroom as well as a clear compartment for liquids and another one for dry toiletries.  That way you can pack it in your carryon.
  • Makeup in travel mini train case - I packed more makeup than usual since I was doing makeup for my maternity photoshoot.
  • Foldable rain jacket
  • Clothes in compression packing cubes - I use the brand Gonex found on Amazon
  • Shoes - for my pregnant ladies, bring comfortable shoes that are easy to slide on.
    • I have black sandals that I can slide into that I often wore on short treks.  It matched a lot of my outfits where I wore black.
    • Dressy Sandals - I wore for my photoshoot and when I wanted to be dressed up at night.
    • Shower/Beach Flip Flops - I use my reef sandals, most comfy shoes ever
    • Slip on Toms - any slip on shoes are good for pregnant ladies
  • Bring sample sizes of makeup and skincare - Check the video for super cute items I received from IT Cosmetics.
  • Hot/Cold Pack for body pain (I didn't end up using this)
  • Foldable Water bottle with Carabiner
  • Handheld Travel Electric Fan - I used this a lot!  I kept it in my purse and used it on tours and buses where there wasn't AC and we were in the direct sun.  It's chargeable by USB.
  • Bag of Sunscreen and Bugspray
  • Travel Duffle - We finally used this on the way back.  We threw all our dirty clothes in it and checked it in.
  • Medicine pouch - first aid kits, basic meds you might use
  • Bag with febreze, downy wrinkle release, mini hand wash soap, sewing kit, etc.
  • Empty Ziplock Bags - for dirty clothes, leaking items, pack snack from Breakfast buffet, etc.
  • Snacks
  • Clothing - stick with neutrals that you can mix or match
    • Beach Wear - Bathing Suit and Cover Up
    • Light jacket - I had packed a jean jacket but didn't end up using it because it was so hot
    • Lightweight scarf - to visit religious sites where you have to cover your shoulders or knees
    • Bras/Underwear/Socks
    • One pair of shorts - mine are regular drawstring that fit under my bump
    • Maternity leggings
    • Maternity jeans - I wore these on plane rides
    • Tops
      • Solid maternity tees - I packed a gray and black one
      • Maternity tank - I packed a gray one that I can wear to layer or by itself
      • Two flowy summer blouses - for dressier options
      • One sleep dress
      • Black maxi dress - wore this so much!  Wore with a t-shirt knotted on top so it looked for a skirt, or by itself with a kimono or layering top
      • Fitted black tank dress - this was my dressy option, I wore on my birthday
      • Black/White Kimono - great for layering over basic pieces like my black dresses
      • Sundress - short and cool for summer weather.  I wore it by itself and also paired with leggings.

Basic Traveling Tips

  • I ordered Euros through my local bank in advance of the trip so I could bring them on the trip without having to worry about exchanging currency abroad.
  • Check your airline for pregnancy travel restrictions.  Delta and Easyjet which I flew have a restriction that you need a doctor's note to travel after 32 weeks and you cannot travel after 36 weeks.  No one questioned me however and I didn't have any issues.
  • They let you bypass a lot of the lines at airport security because you're pregnant, they saw my belly and just let me pass.  You can also ask the airline reps.
  • I purchased Travel Insurance just in case however most travel insurance has a pregnancy exclusion.  It was about $120 for a week of travel.
  • Uber works in France and Italy.  I found it was pricey in Nice, where there were less vehicles.  It was cheaper to get a cab in some cases such as flat rates to the airport.  You can have your hotel arrange it.
  • In Nice, take the SNCF train to visit local popular sites like Cannes, Monaco which are only 30 minutes away.
  • I found that the subway was super easy to use in Italy to visit popular sites.  I bought a one day pass and then used google maps walking directions to walk to popular sites.
  • If you don't want to trek on your own, hop on and off buses are a great way to see all the sites - you can relax on the bus and jump on and off at your leisure.
  • In Italy, schedule tours for popular sites in advance so you don't have to wait in the insane lines - tour groups can skip ahead and you can have a guide who speaks your language.
Hope this was helpful.  The next packing video will be a hospital packing video, eek!

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