Pregnancy Bump Date - 27 to 28 Weeks Pregnant - 1st Baby!!!

Hi Bellas,

I'm back with another bump date! I'm catching up a little bit as I went out of the country for a week on my babymoon!  This week I fill you in on how it's like to enter my third trimester, give you a recap of my amazing babymoon and show a sneak peak of my nursery!  Check it out!

Check out the video!

  • Baby is the size of a cucumber to bunch of bananas, around 15 inches long and 2.2-2.5 pounds
  • I went on my babymoon!  Pics coming soon from our travels to the French Riviera and Rome.
  • My nursery is almost done!  Check out the sneak peak in the video.

Symptoms Recap
  • Fatigue - I'm definitely feeling more tired as I enter the third trimester, nap time please!
  • Cramping and round ligament pain - I think I've experienced a growth spurt and I feel the pains in my lower stomach and sides which reflect a growing belly.
  • Gassy - My digestive system is slowing even more as I feel a lot more gas and constipation, sorry TMI!
  • Back pain - this is my most prevalent symptom. My Azmed belly support band is seriously a lifesaver especially with all the walking I did on my vacation.

  • Pressure in my Vagina - I feel sharp pains down there, as if the baby's head is jamming my bladder.  I feel like I have to pee but it's a false alert.  Luckily it's a sporadic symptom.
  • Walking slower - I am such a slow walker now!  The big belly and cramps slow me down and I especially noticed it at the airports on vacay because literally everyone was passing me as I was walking through customs.
  • Not a lot of room to eat - I still can't eat a lot at one seating which made me sad because I wanted to eat more on my vacay.  I just think my growing baby is squeezing my intestines.
  • Sciatica -This is a new symptom for me which is a radiating pain from my booty down to my thighs on one side.  It happens because there is pressure on the sciatic nerve due to the weight gain.  It happens randomly but it's pretty uncomfortable.
  • Kicking - The baby kicks are less jabs and more like body rolls and a tight pressure on my stomach.  It's very strange, like a little alien is trying to get out lol.