Nude Glitter Makeup Look featuring PixiBeauty Liquid Fairy Lights

Hi Bellas,

Who doesn't love a nude glam look with glitter! I'm loving the new PixiBeauty Liquid Fairy Lights. Liquid glitter with a doefoot applicator, so much easier and less messy to use! Check it out! 

I had to get this makeup look on video to show the pretty sparkles in person. 

I used RoseGold and BareBrilliance. It reminds me of some much more expensive liquid glitters out there. 

You can use these glitters by themselves or top them on top of a matching eyeshadow to really make the sparkle pop!

I also used the Pixi Beauty Glowy Gossamer Duos to add some cheek highlight.

The Pixi Fairy Lights retail for $15 at your Local Target or at