Pregnancy Bump Date Weeks 18-19 - First Baby!

Hi Bellas,

I'm back with another bump date!  I'm officially half way through my pregnancy and the baby is finally kicking!  I share with you some new symptoms as well as some must have products including a belly cream and prenatal workout dvd.  Check it out!

pregnancy bump date
Check out the video!

Symptoms Update
  • Uncomfortable sleeping - my back hurts and I wake up many times to twist and turn and to make trips to the bathroom.  It's also hard for me to sleep on my side.  I bit the bullet and bought a pregnancy pillow.  I'll update you in the next bump date.
  • Sore boobs and darker, chapped nipples - I found that bra extenders are a must have right now.  And I use good old olive oil on chapped nipples and it works wonders.
  • Itchy belly - My belly is growing so a good belly cream is now a must have.
  • Dark marks on face - Darker pigmentation is completely normal during pregnancy, thank goodness for makeup!
  • Allergies and wheezing - I find that hot compresses on my nasal area helps relieve sinus pressure.  I can't wait for Spring to end!
  • Maybe some kicks - I think I might feel baby kicking but I'm not quite sure.  Is it gas or my imagination?  I know it takes first time moms longer to feel kicks.

Must-Have Items

Belly cream - A good belly cream is a necessity for an itchy growing belly.  I love this one by Body Merry.  I found it on Amazon and it has great reviews.  It's all natural and contains the good stuff like organic cocoa butter and shea butter and tons of vitamins.

Fit Pregnancy Video - I finally started working out and I'm so happy I'm back at it.  I'm getting back in shape and all strengthening my body for carrying this little one and also preparing for labor.  I'm loving this Fit And Sleek Prenatal Physique Workout DVD.  It got great reviews on Amazon and it's very challenging but very pregnancy friendly.

Hot and Cold Compress - My nasal and sinus pressure has been killing me.  I found that a reusable compress that I can freeze or heat up in the microwave is super soothing.  It's also great for lower back and body pain in general that happens as our body is growing.  I got a 2 pack from Amazon which is working great.  Heads up it has a chemical scent in the beginning that goes away after a while.