Pregnancy Bump Date - 20 and 21 Weeks Pregnant - Second Trimester. - 1st Baby

Hi Bellas,

I'm back with another bump date!  I'm recapping weeks 20 and 21 of my second trimester.  The baby is the size of a banana!  Lots of exciting milestones - my 20 week ultrasound and doctor appointment.    I also show you some must have items that have helped me tremendously with pregnancy problems.  Check it out!

Check out the video!

Product Recommendation 
 Pregnancy pillow is a life changer.  I decided to get a U Shaped Pillow from Queen Rose in Amazon.  I chose this one over the C shape I've seen so that I can easily switch sides while sleeping.  The support is amazing.  It feels great on my head/neck and sleeping with one of the sides between my legs is great on the hips.

Baby's 20 week ultrasound! 

Shout out to Cerave for the special delivery of my baby's first products haul!

Symptoms Recap
  • Stabbing Pain in Pelvis - Round Ligament Pain?  It lasted for a few hours and went away thank goodness.  A hot compress helped but I read that it's pretty normal and part of the growing process.
  • Baby is Kicking - Baby started kicking at 20 weeks and 1 day.  It feels like someone is flicking the inside of my belly
  • Allergies and Asthma - My allergies and asthma has gotten so much better.  My doctor said I could take Flonase and prescribed Qvar inhaler.
  • Great Hair - I have noticed less hair shedding which is definitely the major factor to great hair during pregnancy.
  • Traveling - I went away to Florida for a weekend for a girls' trip with my noticeable bump!  I felt pretty good traveling.  Second trimester is a great time to travel.
  • 20 week Dr. Appointment - Spinal tests came back normal.  My next appointment at 24 weeks is when I'll have a glucose test to screen for gestational diabetes.
  • ultrasound normal, 14 oz
  • Getting Ready for the Nursery - I spent all week cleaning out my makeup room to make room for the nursery, talk about exhausting!  But I figure I do it now in the second trimester while I have energy.  
  • Working Out - I've finished 3 weeks of my pregnancy workout dvd.  I'm now moving onto the intermediate level.  I find that working out especially the yoga and stretching really makes me feel better.
What kind of pregnancy videos do you all want to see?  Let me know in the comments below!