Hi Bellas,

Yay for my first clothing haul - maternity edition.  I've been window shopping for months trying to find the best and cutest deals in maternity clothes.  I'm showing you what I've picked up in my second trimester - items that should grow with me and still be cute enough post partum.  Check it out!

Check out the video!

A few items worth mentioning not pictured below.  I totally recommend some maternity under garments to make your clothes fit and feel better.  

These Belevation Maternity Shapewear from Amazon are great under dresses to prevent thigh rub and to smooth everything out.

Two Pack of Maternity Belly Bands to wear under shirts or over unbuttoned pants

Maternity Sleeping Bra - so comfy!  Great for sore boobies.

Nursing Bra - Has a clip so you can quickly breastfeed post partum. It's also seamless and with no underwear which makes it super comfy for pregnancy.

Check out the outfits!

Top from Ross Maternity Line, Jeans from Target

Dress from Ross Maternity Line

Dress from Ross Maternity Line

Jacket from Ross Junior's Line

Cardigan from Ross Women's Line

Denim Jacket from Amazon

Shirt from Ross and Cropped Maternity Leggings from Target

Black Tunic from Zulily

Jacket from Motherhood Maternity

Tank from Zulily and Black Kimono from Motherhood Maternity

Hoody from Motherhood Maternity

Tank from Zulily and Sweater from Motherhood Maternity

T-Shirt and Jeans from Ross

Dress from ASOS regular line clearance

Black Cardigan from Ross, Gray Maternity Dress from Motherhood Maternity Clearance

Hope you all enjoyed!  Till next time, Ciao Bellas!