How to Pack Makeup for A Cruise

Hi Bellas,

I'm gearing up for another Cruise vacation!  In about a week i'll be off to the Bahamas on a family vacay.  I learned a lot of do's and don't from my last cruise in April.  I specifically made a lot of changes to my makeup packing.  Check it out!

Check out the video!

On the last cruise I did my makeup in front of the main cabin mirror/desk.  There was a little chair which made is very convenient to sit and apply makeup.  It was also the only area with an outlet so I also did my hair there.  Unfortunately the area was also cluttered with random stuff like cups, electronics, etc.  I needed a makeup system where I could quickly apply and pack up my makeup out of the way.  This time around I packed it in the Lay N Go makeup bag.

Image result for lay n go

I also needed a solution to have my brushes handy without taking a lot of room.  A brush canister was the way to go.  I used the Eve Pearl Brush Canister.  That way, my brushes could sit within easy reach on the table without me having to worry about putting them away.

Image result for eve pearl brush canister

This time around I tried to pack a lot of mini makeup items or depotted larger items into smaller containers.  Buying travel sized containers and refilling them is another great idea.  For example, I did this with my liquid highlighter, my setting spray and brush cleaner.  

When it comes to packing makeup I keep everything simple but pack several options of fun lip colors.  It's easy to transform your look with a bold lip.  I plan on documenting this for a cruise fashion lookbook.  Stay tuned!

In the meanwhile, check out the rest of my cruise packing videos here.