Wedding Series: Wedding Recap, Our Favorite Memories, and Pictures

Hi Bellas,

Happy Friday!  I finally have my wedding recap up with me and my hubby sharing our favorite memories, as well as tons of pics on the second half!  I'm sorry for the blurry video in the first part, I have no idea why the camera did that, but I didn't have a chance to refilm it with my hubby.

Check out the video!

During the first 11 minutes of the recap, my Hubby and I share some of our favorite memories and keepsake ideas.

Everyone loved this!  We submitted pictures to a vendor on Etsy and she created our custom cake topper which includes our exact details up to my wedding dress and makeup.

I saw this on Pinterest and thought it was such a good idea for sentimental table numbers.  I asked my mom and my husband's family for baby pictures of us at ages 1-8, the amount of tables we have.  Then I photoshopped them into this simple design, printed it on photo paper, and bought these place card holders from Amazon to hold them.  You could also put these in picture frames but I found the holders to be cheaper. Super easy and a fun item for guests to look at on their tables.


We published our pictures in an awesome coffee table book.  The best deal is definitely to get it on group for a huge discount.  Here is my groupon referral link if you're not a member, and the deal is under a photobook search for MyPublisher.  This is also a great post wedding gift which we gave to our Moms.

Wedding ShadowBox

My Aunt gifted this as a Christmas present post wedding.  She kept all of our invitations and put it into a shadow box, so thoughtful!  I ended up adding a few more of my trinkets including our custom Vow Books.  We had them created on Etsy so that they could also be a keepsake.  It also beats reading your vows from your phone!  I'm pretty sure you can get these photoboxes at Michaels or Hobby Lobby.

Wedding Vow Books  - Set of 2 - His And Her Vow Books OR Personalized ~

I'm only going to include some of the wedding pics or this post will be too long, but they're all in the video after 11 minutes.  Enjoy!

Wedding Rehearsal - Wearing Traditional Filipino Garments

The end!  I also have some more wedding related posts to come including some craft ideas and my wedding makeup looks.  Stay tuned!