Wedding Series: DIY Brooch Bouquet and Giveaway

Hi Bellas,

I'm back with another video in my wedding series!  I got so many compliments on my brooch bouquet which I made myself that I thought i'd do a video on it.  It took me a couple of tricks I discovered to make the process and cost effective and quick as possible.  Plus I'm doing a giveaway for those of you interested in making one for yourself.  Check it out!

Check out the video!

Here are the materials you'll need:

  • Wire clippers
  • Wire plyers
  • Floral Wire - 22 Gauge ( I bought two bundles)
  • Ribbon to cover your bouquet handle
  • Brooches (approximately 20-40)
  • Tulle/Organza (1 square foot)
  • Power drill
  • Flower armature (optional)

Your objective is to create multiple of these stems.  To get this, you take floral wire and loop it through an opening in the brooch.  You should have equal length on each side of the opening, then you twist it together with their pliers or the drill.  I do this twice for each stem to create an extra strong handle that will be flexible to adjust.  See video for more details.

I found this nifty bouquet frame on Amazon after seeing a YouTube video where they used one.  Basically, you screw the handle into the circle top and place the foam over the handle.  From there, you would stick the stems through the holes to fill out the bouquet.  You don't need to buy this if you want to just group the stems together and then take the floral wire to wrap around the group to secure them.  

And this is the final result!  I added a string of old pearls to the edge, secured with floral wire for some extra pizazz.  You can buy brooches and tulle in your specific wedding colors and add special touches such to make it your own.  I had a locket with pictures of me and my fiancee dangling from the bouquet.

I ended up getting my bridesmaids real bouquets because it was a little time intensive lol, but it's nice to have your bouquet stand out from the crowd.

I love that you can make this item a keepsake.  I used it for both my destination wedding and my home reception so I didn't have to buy more than 1 bouquet.  Now it's up in my China Cabinet as a memento.

Hope this was helpful!  For more wedding tips, follow my Wedding Board on Pinterest.