Pur Minerals: Pur Polish Review

Hi Bellas,

Back with another review!  So I have these awesome Pur Polishes to show you.  It's such an interesting formula and the payoff is amazing.  Check it out!

The Pur Eye Polish is described as a Pure Pigment Eye Primer + Top Coat.  They also include a really nifty Pro Silicone Application Tool.

I'm loving how Pur Minerals has really stepped up its game and come up with new, innovative makeup products and tools.  I'd describe this eye polish as a cushion formula, where you have the wet product underneath a type of netting to keep it from drying out and applying too much.  I love the little silicone applicator for picking up the product and applying the max amount of opaqueness; it almost mimics a finger patting on your lid.

They come in 6 shades:
Caviar:  Smokey Olive with Gold Shimmer
Suede:  Bronze Pearl
Velvet:  Plum with Fuchsia shimmer
Silk:  Ripe Apricot with Champagne Shimmer
Cashmere:  Champagne Pearl

My favorite would have to be Caviar for a super smokey eye.

They say you can use it as a primer for eyeshadow or simply to pop as a color alone.  I prefer the latter since I wouldn't want to dull out the shine of it it in its original state with an eyeshadow.  You can see on the swatch below:

Top Left:  By Itself, Top Right:  Shadow on Top
Bottom Left:  By Itself, Bottom Right:  On Top of Shadow

Here it is on my lid, the Caviar dotted on top of black shadow.  I have a gorgeous FOTD coming up showing these looks soon.  

In sum, I really like the product.  It's a bit pricey so you should really swatch the colors you like to find your favorite and start there.  But it's so new and interesting that you should definitely give it a shot.