Review: New Nudestix Products and Shades - Easy Makeup in Pencil Form!

Hi Bellas,

One of the brands that recently struck a chord with me in the last year is Nudestix.  There products are high quality, innovative, and so easy to wear and apply.  I recently got the chance to test up some of their newest products and shades.  Check it out!


Gilt and Immortal Magnetic Eye Pencils are just in time for hot weather.  The combination of Gold and Bronze has given me many days of quick, go to glowy eyeshadow looks.  The metal tin packaging is also decorative and totally worth keeping to stash items in - I keep it in my purse to hold a lip balm, hair tie, lash glue and gloss.

What I think I love most about Nudestix is how effortlessly the product deposits onto the skin - it's so creamy and pigmented, yet doesn't crease.  The quality is amazing.  I've been wearing Gilt on my lids and immortal in my outer v for a quick look - just apply with the stick and blend with your fingers or a brush and you're out the door.

I was also excited to test out some new lip pens - this product was completely new to me.  As per Nudestix's product philosophy, all of the colors are super wearable neutral shades that look good on everyone for any occasion.

The Bare lip Pen makes an awesome nude lipstick.  Just click the pen and apply and you get a great mauvey nude cream lipstick application,

I also got to try out some glosses.  Same click style format.  I was surprised at how thick and pigmented the glosses applied - you only need a little bit.  

Buff is a true nude - it will take any light colored lipstick to super nude fast.  

Nudity Lip Pen is a great nude shade for deeper skin tones or for those who prefer a more wearable nude.

In person the gloss favors more of a warm mauvey brown tone.

They also came out with a lip + cheek crayon in whisper and and mystery.  These really do work well on the cheeks or the lips.  I'm a big fan of multi-use products.

I found myself lining my lips first with mystery then just applying whisper to the center of my lips.  Whisper is actually super duper nude so it's great for those who love a true nude lip but for tan to deep skin tones it's great that it comes with mystery to help warm up the outer edges of the lips.  I know LustreLux on YouTube mentioned Whisper is a favorite nude color for her.

I also got to try out some really innovative skincare stix.

The clean up pencil is pretty nifty - you just rub the tip over any areas you want to clean up, such as smeared eyeliner.  It's not too greasy but it's emollient enough to remove the makeup without residue.  I just swipe it over the mistake then use a q-tip to clean it away.  This is a great idea for your travel makeup bag since it's so easy and not messy like liquid makeup removers.

The Matte + Blemish Pencil is great for popping some treatment over any zits or spots you want to cover.  It also has mattifying properties, great for applying to the oily t-zone.  

It applies completely sheer and dries quick so you can immediately apply your foundation or concealer on top.

The moisture pencil is almost like a chap stick for your face.  I used it around my eye area where it can get dry or even on the lips.  It contains Amazonian clay to moisturize dry spots without looking greasy.

Last but not least, I tested out the Sculpting Pencil in Medium Highlight and Deep Contour.  I love how it's a dual ended product to make highlight and contour quick and easy.  The formula is creamy and pigmented and so easy to blend out.

I found that the highlight is a great shade for highlighting the brow bone and the highest planes of my face to make this bright and lifted forward.  The contour deep actually blended into my skintone so instead I'd use it as a concealer.

Here are some looks I created using the products especially the Magnetic Eye Colors and Lip Pens.

As you can see, you can go natural or glam, depending on how much product you apply.  I really enjoyed testing out these products and will definitely be adding some of these to my permanent travel makeup bag since they are so convenient to use.  Hope this was helpful!

You can find more information about these products at - they also retail at and

Till next time, Ciao Bellas!

FTC Disclosure:  Products sponsored for review.  I am not affiliated with this company and not paid to write this review.  These are my honest thoughts and opinions.