Borghese Beauty Review and Swatches

Hi Bellas,

I love giving you guys a chance to see some new products from brands that you may not have heard of.  Borghese has been around forever and they sent me some new goodies to try.  Check it out!

Onto the review!

Borghese ColorStruck Lipstick in Swoon
This is an interesting lipstick - it's got a warm pink base with lots of gold shimmer.  I think this is a good alternative for a gloss if you like shimmer.  

I personally don't rock lipsticks like this much but if you want the shine but not the stickyness of gloss it's a great alternative.

ColorGloss Lipgloss in Gilt
This rose gold lipgloss with gold shimmer is a great topper to another lip color underneath.  It's not sheer but has enough color to tint your lips.

This would look great over a nude lip.  The gloss is pretty tacky which means it will last but can be sticky.

ColorRise Blush in Flight
I love the color of this blush - it's a deep mauve with gold shimmer.  It will look good on so many skintones.

I even like it as a contour color, just pop a lighter blush on top, brilliant!

Summerglow Tinted Moisturizer
I love a good tinted moisturizer - SPF 20, moisture and tint, it's great for everyday coverage.

I didn't notice a shade on this bottle, but the one I got actually blends pretty well into the skin, but on it's just a smidge too light.  Besides that, it's pretty sheer and I'd totally rock it in the winter for quick evening out.

State of the Art Waterproof Mascara
First off, the packaging for this masacara is super cool.  It's looks very chic and futuristic.  I find it to be a pretty standard formula.  No complaints here!

Borghese Five Shades of Fresh Eyeshadow
I was pretty interested in this eyeshadow palette.  The greens are really gorgeous and it comes with a nice sized mirror, score!

On swatches, I found the shimmer shadows to be the most pigmented and the satin to have medium intensity.  However on the eyes I was really impressed by how they performed.  I love how the colors all coordinate.  I have look featuring these coming soon.

I'm actually pretty familiar with Borghese brushes as I purchased a set long time ago.  This kabuki brush doesn't disappoint - it's very soft and full and would work lovely with powder foundation.

Hope you all enjoyed this review!  Look using these products coming soon.

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