Nails of the Week: Silver Serpentine Failure

Hi Bellas,

It's time for another segment in my Nails of the Week series.  This time, I gave some nail stickers a shot.  I went through a phase where I purchased a bunch of cool designs from various brands.  I had an unopened back of Essie Sleek Sticks Nail Stickers.  Check out the results - you may be surprised!
sleek stick nail appliques - effects by essie
I picked up the back Sneek-E which is described as a silvery serpentine sizzler.  I loved the metal foil design at first site.  Also, your natural nail bed peaks through the foil design which I loved.  I had tried another pack from them before with a 3d rhinestone which didn't work out too well for me in the past, but I wanted to give it another shot.

First off, you apply the stickers onto your clean nails and then you're supposed to be able to file off the excess.  Wrong!  This is a repeat from last time, the material is too thick to file off cleanly.  Instead, I had to cut off the excess with a nail scissor which left uneven edges. 

With some nail sticker brands you can put on a top coat to ensure longer staying power.  Wrong!  The top coat literally just peels off, it doesn't stick.  Last application the top coat literally ruined the nail design, causing the nail sticker to wrinkle up.

After about one day the polish was already peeling off the edges.  Here is about 3.5 days wear.  Horrible!  I gave this product two shots and both were failures.  What a waste of money.  I don't recommend.

On a brighter note, I gave another brand's nail stickers a shot with awesome results.  Stay tuned for next week's nail post!