Makeup Storage Solutions: New Spinning Makeup Brush Holder

Hi Bellas,

Who doesn't love a makeup storage post?  I love reorganizing my always growing makeup clutter to make my life easier and to make sure I'm using all of my products.  This time around, I went for a makeup brush storage revamp with a simple solution.  Check it out!

Many years ago, I saw another YouTuber buy one of these spinning remote/desk accessories to hold brushes.  I currently was not using all of my brushes because of closed quarters.
This is what I was originally using - the ELF Studio Brush holders.  I like that they are big with 3 compartments to hold all my brushes.  However, I had these vertically along a wall in my little makeup/desk cubby in my beroom.  I could only reach the front compartment since I couldn't pull the brushes out horizontally in my tight space.
The spinning brush holder is great because it stays in place and I can reach all sections with a little twirl.  I fit the brushes from those two ELF containers into one.
This holder was $12.99 from my local Marshalls.  Which is actually less than the ELF holders at $15 each.  I fit a ton of brushes in one of these.  I still use my old holders in my makeup studio where I have more room but for tight spaces, this rotating holder is where it's at!
Hope this helps someone out there looking to reorganize their brushes.  Till next time, Ciao Bellas!