Makeover: Purple and Pink Glow

Hi Bellas,

I want to share a makeover that I recently did on my girl Leslie.  We were on vacation together and I decided to make her over as a treat.  She's also a MUA and like me, no one ever does her makeup.  I turned her into a mini-me, using all of the products in my makeup bag but making them work for her deeper complexion, and it was a success!  Check it out!

I wanted to do something that Leslie wouldn't naturally do on herself.  She tends to stick with matte neutrals, so I went for shimmery color.  I applied a pink champagne to her lids and purple to the outer corners for some dimension.  It was dramatic but still soft enough for the daytime.
 On her face, I actually used my NC42 skintone concealer as a highlight on her.  Then I used my contouring concealer as her foundation.  It worked!  She doesn't need coverage all over, just a little brightening here and there.
On her lips, I used my favorite nude pink color - Alcone's Enduring Lip Color in Creme Brulee.  First, I nuded her lips with concealer, then applied the pink liquid lipstick on top.  It looks gorgeous on her deeper skin tone as well as my tan skin tone, it's a winner!
Hope you guys enjoyed.  Till next time, Ciao Bellas!