Atlanta Makeup Meetup Recap: Lashes & Brows

Hi Bellas,

I wanted to thank everyone for coming to my last Atlanta Makeup Meetup.  We shared some great tips and tricks for brows and lashes.  I definitely want to share it for everyone who can't make it to the meet-ups.  Check it out!

First off, we learned all about eyebrows.  This is a great skill for even the most natural makeup wearers because brows can totally enhance your features.  Check out some tips we covered:


  • Recommended tools:  Pencil, Brow Powder/Shadow, Concealer, Angled Brush, Concealer Brush, Brow Gel/Clear Mascara
  • Use the diagram below as a guide so you know where your brow shape should start and end as well as where the arch should be
  • Select a brow color that is one shade lighter than your hair color
  • If you overfill your brows, you can clean them up with concealer, or run a q-tip or brow spoolie over your hairs to lighten up the color
  • Suggested drugstore brands:  Rimmel, NYX, Milani
  • Suggested high end brands:  Anastasia, MAC 

Next we covered both Strip and Individual Lashes.  I like strips because they're quick and easy, but Individual Lashes are great for a natural look.  Check out the tips!

Strip/Individual Lashes

  • Recommended tools:  Lash Glue - Latex and Latex Free, Tweezers, Mini Scissors, Mascara, Mascara Wand
  • For strip lashes, always trim the length from the outside of the lash - you want the inner part of the lash to remain shorter so that it looks more natural
  • If you're having problems applying strip lashes, try cutting them in half and placing one half at a time
  • Tip for individual lashes:  mix together regular lash glue and semi-permanent individual lash glue (i.e. Ardell Aashtite) to ensure a stronger hold but easy removability
  • You'll typically use more of the short and medium length individuals in your lash application

Hope some of these tips helped!  Stay tuned for the next Atlanta Makeup Meetup.  Don't forget to sign up for the group so you can see when we have events!