Anastasia New Products Review: Brows and Contour Kit

Hi Bellas,

Over the last several weeks I've been testing out some new products from Anastasia Beverly Hills.  I can say that I am truly impressed by all of them, and my brows have been on point!  In this post I'll give you my honest thoughts and show you how I use the brow and contour palettes I was sent to test out.

Let's start off with the Brow Wiz.  I used this product long, long time ago.  After trying it again, I fell right back in love.  The precision, color, and application is all on point.  You can get a defined or natural brow depending on the pressure you apply.  I love that the pencil is tiny and has medium pigmentation with a dry enough texture - thumbs up!
In this makeup shot I used the brow pencil to give a nice sharp line but also softly fill in the brow.  Like I said this product is great for precision and either a natural or dramatic brow.
Next up, is the Brow Powder Duo.  Again, I used this back in the day and was reintroduced to it. First off, I love the new sleek packaging.  Pictured next to it is the Brow Duality which I'll use when I need a quick brow highlight.
I love having the two powders so that I can use the dark side to define and the light side towards the front of the brow to keep a natural brow transition near the inner corner.  The powder is soft and just pigmented enough.  I love using it for eyeshadow too!
Here's a shot of me rocking a super natural brow - if that's your preference, then powder is the way to go.
The DipBrow Pomade has been all over Instagram and I was excited to try it for the first time.  I've tried other gel brow liners and I will say that I found this one to be super pigmented.  It took me a while to figure it out but now I love it.  You really only need a teeny bit...I dip my brush into the product and then wipe off the excess on the side of the jar.  
This product will give you a flawless, beat brow or you can use it super sparingly for a more natural look.  It takes a little practice but now I love it - especially since the formula is budgeproof I know my brows will be in place all day.

Here I am rocking that beat brow for a dramatic St. Patty's day look.   
 I used the #12 large synthetic duo brush to apply both the brow powder and brow pomade.  Thumbs up!  The angled side is small, dense and offers precise application.  I love the smaller spoolie for blending out product.  I'm picky when it comes to brow brushes and this one definitely performs.
Onto the much talked about Contour Kit.  I wasn't sure what to expect but once I again, I was impressed.  I love the yellow highlight powder - it works amazing on both my tan skin tone and my bestie who has a darker complexion.  The shimmer highlight is subtle and super pretty.  I use the bottom center contour as my nose contour - I like the cooler shade because I think it looks more natural.  The other contour shades are great for even up to deeper skin tones. 
  I am very happy that I was re-introduced to the Anastasia Brow Gels.  For the tinted formulas, I definitely notice an improvement.  The texture is thinner and just a slight tint which is awesome because you don't over-cake your brows.  I find them very useful in spreading out color and adding it also where you need it.  They also ensure that your brow hairs and the color stay in place all day.  It's become a staple in my brow routine.  I'll be putting the clear brow gel in my kit because it's universal to all my clients' brows.

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 I'll actually be featuring a lot of these products in my next monthly favorites video.  Stay tuned!