Celebrity Inspired Makeup - Nicole Ritchie Golden Globes

Hi Bellas,

Time for another celebrity inspired look! I saw Nicole Ritchie's makeup at the Golden Globes and immediately thought, "wow haven't seen that shade of blue in while!".  It inspired me to pull out my blue palette and have fun with color.  Check it out!

Here's the inspiration pic.  James Vincent from the Makeup Show tweeted a picture and I was immediately intrigued.  Apparently there was some controversy around matching the eyeshadow to her dress color.  Personally I was just happy to see something a bit different and decided to give my go at it.
The key to the look is clearly the baby blue shadow.  I started out with this eyeliner as a base.  It worked out perfectly because it had that light blue shade and it actually has glitter chunks which show ups even with shadow over it.
On top of the pencil I used both a loose pigment and eyeshadow to get a custom color.  The other key to the look is using a warm orangey brown in the crease.  Then line the bottom lashline with blue liner.
After I finished the makeup, it felt a little plain to me so I jazzed it up a bit.  I added dark blue eyeshadow to the outer v to smoke it out and played with creating the matching sky blue in the waterline.
It's fun to try something different.  I can't tell you how much some of my makeup stash goes unused and it's great to pull out some oldies but goodies.

If you have any other celebrity inspired makeup requests, please let me know in the comments below!

FTC Disclosure:  Post not sponsored.