Makeup Artist Series - Kit Haul & Atlanta's Best Kept Makeup Secret - Norcosto

Hi Bellas,

This is another post in my Makeup Artist Series.  I love sharing information and resources for my fellow makeup artist/beauty junkies.  If you're in Atlanta you'll definitely want to watch or if you're looking for an online retailer for professional makeup brands, make sure to check this haul video out!

Check out the Video!

Here are some of the goodies I pick up.  I plan to do some formal reviews on some of the new products.  Special sneak peak though, some of these items have already made my monthly favorites, yay!

Kit-Must Have for cleaning and sanitizing makeup.  I got the biggest size!
The famous Banana powder - they also have a whole range of the other shades available.
Pencils from Ben Nye - such awesome quality.
Look at the vibrant swatches - one is an eyebrow pencil and the other two are lip pencils.

I love this product - this yellow highlighting shade is a new color for me.  Excited to play with it!
This is the moisturizer I have in my kit - got another full size back-up.  Kit Must-Have!
Great for making scars and texture...a softer alternative to nose and scar wax.
Adhesive for FX appliances and latex free!
This prevents excessive sweating and you apply it under makeup - can't wait to try this on my boyfriend!
This is a touch-up for shine and has a cool liquid gel consistency.  Review to come!
Really nice primer serum, super silky finish.  Review to come!

Remember you can find all these products and a lot more from some of the great pro brands at  They have a store here in Atlanta and I believe in Texas and Minneapolis.  Don't forget to apply for the pro discount for 20% off!

Here are some pictures I instagram'd from the Norcosto Open House I attended earlier this month.

FX Contact - Max Currie
Branch Manager - Carla Raleigh

Looks like a lot of fun right?  I mentioned to the Store Manager the idea of doing a meet-up.  If you're in Atlanta let me know if this is something you guys would be interested in.  I'd love to do a meet-up and maybe a demo since I've never done one before.  Appreciate your feedback as always!

FTC Disclosure:  Post not sponsored.  All products purchased by me.  I am not affiliated with this company and not paid to make this post.