New Graftobian Product Review - HD SuperSilica Powder

Hi Bellas,

Happy Tuesday!  Sorry for no post yesterday, but I had back to back exams on Saturday and then on Monday so I've been on school lock-down!  Tests are done, so i'm back!  Today I'm reviewing a brand new product from Graftobian.  Check it out!

Graftobian just came out with the HD SuperSilica Powder.  Some of you might be familiar with this type of exploded on the scene a few years ago.  MUFE in particular has a pretty popular one.  The powder appears white, but it's a translucent ultra-micronized silica mineral powder that applies sheer.  It comes in a huge jar with .7 ouches of powder that will last forever.
This is a Talc-free option option for those of you sensitive to that ingredient.  It's for all skin types including sensitive skin like mine.
Pair it with your foundations to set and eliminate shine or you can wear it on your own for a mattifying effect.  Apply with a powder brush or puff and brush away the excess. Here I am with the powder - if you're not careful, it can leave a slight white cast.  Make sure to really blend it in and buff away the excess.  Or you can set with a finishing spray like fix plus and that should do it. 
Remember to use a light touch and blend blend blend so you're not left with white face!  Used correctly, this powder will give a super light, diffused effect.  I'm a big fan of the Graftobian HD Pro powders in various colors but it's nice to have a universal setting shade that will work on everyone.
This jar will literally last you forever.  I do wish Graftobian offered smaller sizes. I would go as far as buying mini containers to split it between friends or for travel and home.   You can find this powder 0.7 ounces retailing for $32 at

FTC Disclosure:  Product sponsored for review.  I am not affiliated with this company and not paid to write this review.  These are my honest thoughts and opinions.

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