Products I Regret Buying - Shoedazzle Purses

Hi Bellas,

I'm back with another post in my products I regret buying series.  This time, I'm featuring a purse!  I'm a member of Shoedazzle and a while ago, I decided to buy one of their purses.  Big Mistake!  Keep reading to find out why.

I'm not a designer bag girl.  I just like purses to be cute, be big, and last me for about a year.  I tend to have one main purse and I switch it out each year.  I need for it to hold everything in the kitchen sink, lol.  I recently was in need of a new purse and saw this one on  I thought it was decent...I liked the color and it was pretty big.  The bag retailed for $39.95 just like the shoedazzle shoes.

About six weeks in...this is what happened:
I've bought prices around the same price mark and they usually last me a good year or two.  This one started falling apart after just a few weeks.  What a waste!

On another note, I did totally go against my word and bought another ShoeDazzle purse after this.  I got lucky because a few months in and it's holding up okay.  However, I think that's the last one for me.

I hope this post helped some of you guys out.  Mind you, I use my purse everyday.  I think you'd be okay with their special occassion purses/clutches since those are used infrequently.  Hope this helps!

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