Greetings From St. Louis!

Hi Bellas,

Sorry I've been a bit MIA and tardy in posting posts.  I'm in the midst of finals, just one more to go!  I'm also out of town for a few days in St. Louis on business.  In the meantime, I wanted to share some fun pictures with you all.

We have a conference at a well-known Electronics Corporation Headquarters.  It's a beautiful business campus but best yet, they have real turkeys roaming around on the site!

I'm also super fortunate because I got to coordinate the hotel accommodations and I get to stay the Ritz Carlton for the first time, I feel fancy!

For entertainment one night, we actually got to host our clients to dinner at the St. Louis Cardinals Stadium.  We actually got to have dinner set up on home plate.  Here I am in the dug-out.  Pretty nice!

Anywho, I should be back to ATL soon and plan on filming a lot of videos, taking lots of pics for blog posts especially now that I'll be off of school for a month.

Till next time, Ciao bellas!

Atlanta Makeup Artist
Atlanta Photographer