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Makeup Artist Series - Celebrity MUA Sam Fine Beauty Class - Tons of Pics & Tips!

Hi Bellas,

This blog post was way overdue...but I wanted to make sure that it included every single piece of knowledge and all the pictures I could fit in.  I attended an amazing class featuring Celebrity MUA and my personal inspiration Sam Fine a few weeks ago.  The class was packed full of makeup enthusiasts and artists just eager to learn from the man himself.  I have video, plenty of pics and tips!

First off, let's go ahead and congratulate Sam on his new appointment as Creative Director for Fashion Fair. Everything that Sam touches turns to gold.  I personally cannot wait to see what they come up with and believe me, you will be seeing a haul and review.
Throughout the entire event, I was on my best student behavior...taking notes and pictures and I decided to share with you everything I learned from Mr. Fine.  I wanted to give you a quick snippet of the event.  I filmed about 2 minutes of Mr. Fine's presentation in the very beginning.  I didn't want to film the entire class because in respect to Mr. Fine, everything is covered in his fabulous DVD:  Fine - The Basics of Beauty which is available on Amazon.

Check out the quick video!  He teaches us how to prevent concealer from creasing and how to do the "makeup face".

OMG, check out his kit!  I did not spare on the pictures:

Sam loves Cargo Laguna, Iman Bark Blush (discontinued...can you believe he accidentally dropped it and it shattered during class? so sad), YSL #1 and #3 Loose powders, Kiehl's Ultra Creme d'Elegance
 Sam prefers Wedge sponges to stipple and apply foundation...he'll use powder brushes to whisk away excess powder.
On sanitation - One MUA asked about Sam's Practice of not using palettes and scoopers to take out the product (such as cream foundation) and then apply.  Sam, like many other pro artists I've seen, applies product directly from the pan and will double dip his brush.   He keeps foundation in his fridge to store it, and wipes off surface before application and that's the extent of it.   In his career, Sam says he's never had a problem with his method of sanitation and his work on clients.
 Sam loves to bleach his client's brows to lighten them.  I agree!
 Check out Sam's homemade lipstick case.
Before Shot of Sam's Model - Gorgeous Bone Structure!
Sam's Tips for Applying Foundation:
  • On the model Sam uses Dermablend concealer and Black Opal Hazelnut foundation 
  • Use a tissue in your foundation application - separate the two-ply and blot after foundation and concealer application to prevent creasing.  This reduces the shine but keeps the color and coverage.
  • YSL #3 loose powder to set - Apply with sponge and whisk away the excess with a brush.  In the show below, you can see how Sam literally traces out the contour with the powder - amazing!
  • Use liquids in tandem with cream.  For example, Sam will use lighter coverage liquid foundations on the outer perimeter of the face where less coverage is needed...he'll blend this into a heavier cream foundation in the center of the face where more coverage is needed.  He does this with Gabrielle Union, just to name a few.
  • Cream foundation is more maleable, easier to mix, and offers higher coverage.
  • Contour with foundation because it doesn't look like a powder and you have time to work with it-it doesn't dry.  In this picture, Sam is using a Black Opal foundation which he put inside a MAC container for easier access.
  • Sam doesn't use correctors, instead he layers concealer for coverage
  • You don't have to match the center of the face, just relate

On brows
  • Apply brow gel before and after
  • Sam used Damone Roberts black and brown brow pencil on the model.
  • Start at the middle of the brow, softer in front, go a shade lighter than your normal brow color.

Sam believes that the everyday woman should have the following basic items in their makeup bag:
  • Concealer
  • Loose setting powder
  • Mascara
  • Bronzer
  • Gloss
"Do what you're comfortable with and take your time" - Sam Fine

Shot of the set prior to the class

On pricing for makeup artists - depends on the following:
  • Pricing is related to bragging rights
  • Remember, this is a business
  • Depends on the market you're in 
  • Remember, we don't get a raise as a MUA
  • Include compensation for gas/mileage
Tips for Makeup Artists
  • No matter how long you've been with a client, try something different - be a servant but have a point of view
  • Know what you're good at and learn where to grow
  • It's okay to condense your kit - every makeup artist experiences anxiety doing this, but it's okay!
  • For contouring dark skin tones, try using eyeshadow such as a burgundy tone, just make sure it has pigment
  • Even out lip colors with concealer, then use lip liner and follow with color
  • When doing makeup for television and film - no shimmer!

Sam's Everyday Makeup Commandments
  • Do what you're comfortable with and take your time
  • Never forget, moisturizer first!
  • Conceal - Spackle before you paint (uses dermablend)
  • It's not about the product, how you use it

Check out me and my Blogger girls Natural Chica and CurlyGirlLexi

My girl Mattie asked Sam, "What advice would you give Sam 20 years ago?" Here's his response:
  • Get incorporated and get a tax account sooner
  • Be less judgement of yourself (words of wisdom!)
Check out some of the goodies we picked up!

Thank you to Marian Anderson of for hosting the event!

All in all, it was truly an amazing experience.  Sam was funny, wise, super packed full of knowledge and just an all around class act.  I learned so much and definitely recommend that you try to catch him the next time he's around your neck of the woods or at least check out his DVD Fine:  The Basics of Beauty.

Last but not least, I love this picture!

I hope you enjoyed that super duper long post!  Sorry it took so long but I wanted to make sure and get this one right.  Till next time, Ciao Bellas!

FTC Disclosure:  Post not sponsored.

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Barbara1923 said...

As usual Ren, i love your post. But i would have loved to see the after pic of the model. Just to once more moon over the amazingness of Sam Fine's work.

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Great job on the post! I don't think it's too long at all....I actually like seeing all those details! :)

MakeupByRenRen said...

sorry i didn't get an after shot, it was pure pandamonium after the class lol...Sam actually just did foundation and just mascara and liner on the eye - just one side of the face b/c we ran out of time

Ms. Viva Glam said...

Very informative post, I love Sam! He's my fave celeb MUA :-)

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I love this... You are great at sharing the knowledge! I think true knowledge comes from people who admit that they don't know everything. :-)

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Awesome post! I especially loved the info on sanitation and that I saw a variety of products in his kit. When he was here in DC that same pandemonium you mention prevented me seeing his kit up close

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This is such a great post - you NEVER DISAPPOINT!

I always LOVE your attention to detail & getting ALL OF THE GOODS!

YOU ROCK BABE! We love you & SAM FINE so we can never get enough.

Thank you RenRen!xoxo

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this was an amazing post Ren!! Sam is amazing, thanks for all the pics!

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YAY!!! You got me asking the question about concealing. I think he did a great job addressing it. Too bad the picture all us bloggers took isn't up :(

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I was so heart broken that I could not attend this event. Your post was great! I felt like I was there. I love all the details, great job as usual. :)

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Totally worth the wait! Awesome post! Love the vid tip as well. I'm so estatic...ordering his DVD today!! Thanks for sharing :)

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I LOVE Sam the so Fine! He's great. I don't even wear make up everyday :)
Great Post


BooBooNinja said...

I want to get this clear because my concealer tends to crease under my eyes. So...he recommends using a foam wedge to press loose setting powder into the concealer, and then a fluffy brush to remove the excess?
Did I get that right?

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Excellent post.
Loved reading it :D you are so lucky to have met him :D

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I love sam fine. I've got his dvd , i can't wait for him to come to England for a workshop i will definitely attend, thanks for sharing

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