Glamcor Makeup Artist Lighting Kit Review

Hi Bellas,

I'm back with another review.  I can't believe I almost forgot to post this!  It's been sitting patiently in my blog post queue for months, but better late than never!  The famous Glamour Lighting Kit has been one of the hottest items that have recently released and they sell out at every makeup show.  This kit is a must-have for those of us who need good lighting for making YouTube videos or for Makeup Artists that need portable lighting for gigs.

Check out the video!

For those of you who can't watch the video, as always I give a detailed review.  First let's start off with the pictures:

Everything comes in this sleek, light weight carrying case.
Here are all the components.
First off, you have the tripod case which expands to over six feet.
Next you have the lighting components including the LED lights, power cord, and connecting piece.
It assembles pretty easily.  First you have the special LED bulbs which get the perfect color combination for accurate makeup application.
The bulbs twist into the bulb holders.
Next, the bulb attachment snaps into the tripod.
Last, the power cord plugs into the bulb holder.
The bulb holders (probably not the technical term but that's what I call it, lol) has easy on and off switches to turn on/off the lights.
The lights are bright, color accurate and they don't get hot - aka no makeup meltage.
You can adjust the arms connecting the bulb to get the light into whatever position is necessary.
And here is the final product all set-up.
Here's a shot of me using the lights in a hotel room for a wedding.  We all know that hotel rooms have the worst lighting so these lights are a must-have.
Overall, I've had a very pleasant experience regarding this light kit.  I've tried a lot of other portable lighting solutions (clip on sun lamps, professional light up kits) in the past and this one is far the best.

I've broken it down into pros and cons for those of you who may be interesting in getting one of your own.

-lights are adjustable through the flexible arms
-lights get slightly warm but you can leave them on for hours and they don't emit uncomfortable heat - you can actually touch them
-tripod is adjustable
-easy to assemble and break-down
-convenient carrying case

-unit is a bit top heavy and the stand can fold over if you're not careful
-the light attachment part that snabs into the tripod is wobbly

Would I recommend?
Definitely!  This is truly an innovation in the market and there isn't a similar product out there. This has definitely improved my career as an artist and my videos as well.  I highly recommend.

You can find this product retailing for $189 at

FTC Disclosure:  I purchased this product with my own money.

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