Reader Question - Bronzers for Women of Color?

Hi Bellas,

I'm back with a new post that I think might be very helpful to many of you.  A lot of times I'll get reader questions and I actually will post my response on my blog since I think many of you might benefit from it.  Today's question pretty much asks, "How do you use a bronzer when you're already bronzed"?

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My lovely blog reader wrote me this email and gave me permission to post it on my blog.  Here is Reesa's email and my response is in blue:
Hi, Ren. I'm a follower of your blog and love, love, love your work!

Ren, I am a women of color (MAC NC50) and with the summer season upon us, I am reading so much about bronzers.  I would love to try a bronzer, but I have to admit when I approach the makeup aisle to purchase a bronzer, I am completely lost!  LOL 

My main issues are:

1. How do I choose a color? Do I stay around the same shade as my skintone or do I go darker and how many shades darker?
-You can pick something close to skin tone if you want to add luminescence to your skin – something with a gold/bronze shimmer is really pretty.  You can also go darker if you want to contour – about 1-2 shades darker works depending on how dramatic of a look you want.

2.  How do I apply the bronzer? Where do I place the product on my face?
-You can apply it as blush to the apples of your cheeks and then even put a blush on top for pop of color.
-If you’re using it as a contour, apply it from the temple, to under your cheekbone and then back around to your jawline – think of it as a 3 or E motion, depending on what side of the face you’re applying it to.

3.  And the obvious question is....what is a bronzer supposed to do for someone who is already "bronze"?
-Bronzers can give women of color beautiful glow to the skin…it gives the skin radiance and a healthy appearance.

4. Also, what brands do you recommend?  I was thinking about trying Covergirl Queen Collection for an inexpensive start. But, I am also open to any brand that might be good
-Covergirl Queen Collection bronzers is a great start.  I have all 3 in my kit.  I also love the Cargo Dark Bronzer and NYC bronzers are nice too!  Bobbi Brown is always good.  Remember – if you want to use the bronzer as a contour, stick with more matte shades.  For luminescence, go for one with a shimmer – but avoid super glittery ones!

It would be great if you could do a little piece on your blog to help the bronzer challenged, like myself. :-)

Thanks so much for your consideration! And thanks for providing such useful and relevant information on your blog. Again,I love it!  

Take Care, Reesa

Do any of you have product recommendations or tips for bronzers for women of color?  I learned most of what I know from the amazing Sam Fine.  Let me know in the comments below!

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