Makeup Artist Series: Inside My Zuca Traincase/Makeup Artist Kit

Hi Bellas,

This is long overdue.  I'm finally showing you my Zuca and everything I pack in it.  This is a really great traincase for makeup artists and hair stylists and a year later, I'm still loving it.

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I had packed the Zuca for a weekend when I had three weddings and it fit a lot!  I've used this case for over a year now and I can honestly say that it's a staple for my kit.  Here's a shot of when I did makeup for the Soul Train Awards...all the makeup on the table and vanity fit in my Zuca rolling traincase and backpack.  You'll see one of the pouches on the lit vanity.

Here are my pros and cons:


-Holds a lot
-A lot of compartments
-The clear zipper bags are super convenient and hold more product than you think and it holds it very securely
-Really sturdy
-Can wash the outer covering and it comes with a cover for air travel
-Sleek and professional looking
-Stackable clear drawers makes it easy to work from -Wheels are very nice and roll smoothly
-Backpack stacks on top conveniently

-I do wish the Zuca was a bit bigger
-It would be nice to have a larger handle to lift the rolling traincase...the one on the top of the seat is sunken in

Would I recommend?  Yes, it's my choice for a larger traincase.  It's well made and really fits a makeup artist needs.

You can find this product at - other vendors sell them as well.  I think you can also find it on for pretty cheap even though I'm not sure it's the artist version.  There's a regular version and a sport version.

FTC Disclosure:  Product purchased by me.

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