Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Indian Wedding Makeup - Traditional By Day, Bright By Night

Hi Bellas,

I'm back with more wedding makeup.  This post features makeup I did for an Indian wedding a few weeks ago. I had the pleasure to work with one of the sweetest brides ever and the makeup turned out great.

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For the wedding, I did the makeup for the bride, her sister-in-law, and her mother.  Typically for Indian weddings, I do at least two looks...the ceremony and then I return for the reception.

I had a nice, large conference room in the hotel for my set-up.  I love when I have lots of space to spread out my kit.

For the ceremony, we went for a classic Indian bridal look with golds and bronzes.  I had these amazing, one of a kind lashes from  Unfortunately they are not in stock yet.  These lashes really made the look.

In the evening, we wanted to have a little more fun with color.  We went with a smokey aqua eye using one of my favorite colors, MAC's Aquadisiac.  For the bride's reception outfit, she had a gorgeous dip down feature in the back of her shirt.  She loved it, but was conscious of acne scarring on her back.  I used some of my Cinema Secrets foundation and setting powder and instantly concealed the discoloration.  This made the bride super happy to see her back clear for the first time in a long time.  Doing body cover-up is often an essential part of bridal makeup.

For her mom, we wanted to keep it subtle.  I kept the colors neutral and instead defined her eyes with liner.  I smudged the liner to further soften the effect.  Sometimes I really have to work with moms who aren't used to wearing makeup...the key is to listen to their concerns and compliment them a lot, lol.

For the Sister In Law, we kept it neutral during the day and then turned up the color at night.  Check out the difference a little concealer can make.

Hope you enjoyed!  I have more weddings coming up, stay tuned!

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itsjudytime said...

I love looking at your makeovers. You do a fantastic job! The ladies look stunning :D

Marsha said...

indian weddings are sooo much fun! i love the sister in law's reception look.. great job!

Angelys said...

I loveeee the colors and indian weddings. I'm so into Bollywood is not even funny. They are so beautiful and full of joy in those movies.

Nice job,:-)

Uma Preve said...

Ren Ren, Your work is very very nice.. I am an indian makeup artist. I have done tons of indian wedding makeup for clients.. I must say that you have and you are doing a superb job... Very nice work!

Dumbfresh87 said...

Fix your link for the lashes love! you forgot one of the w's! lol

mina said...

Wow I love the makeup! I've never seen an Indian wear an earring that big in the nose before lol.

trinity said...

so fun! i always look forward to your indian wedding posts. i can't wait to do an indian wedding!!!! i haven't had the pleasure of doing one yet... :(

Felipe said...

You would be great for my sister's wedding!

Make up by Vanessa Almeida said...
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chibi said...

You are such a great makeup artist.
Very pretty looks.

Glamazonz said...

Your looks for the Indian wedding were beautiful. I especially loved the night look that you did on the bride. Can you tell me what colors that you used? I would love to try it. You do amazing work.

Ritz said...

I just came across your blog on my wedding, and looking at these pictures bring a huge smile to my face. You were super awesome the day of, and were so well prepared. I will definitely use you in the future for any other big events we have. Thanks for doing my wedding Ren!!