Review - Glitter Gal Eyebrow Pencils for the Everyday Woman

Hi Bellas,

I'm back with another review.  If you didn't know, I'm super obsessed with eyebrow products.  I am a strong believer that brows can make or break your look.  I recently had the opportunity to test out some new eyebrow pencils from Glitter Gal, a popular Australian brand making its way to the US.

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I received three brow pencils from Glitter Gal in Light Brown,  Medium Brown, and Dark Brown.  I was immediately tickled by the cuteness of the pencils - their Safari Design and built in eyebrow spoolie and sharpener are definitely a plus!

Swatches of the pencils - Light Brown, Medium Brown, and Dark Brown
-Pencil is super long, lots of product
-Features innovative design - sharpener on one end, and spoolie on the other
-Cute packaging - animal print, safari theme
-A lot of research went into this product - easy to use for the everyday woman
-Pencil is soft enough to be used as eyeliner as well

-The cap does not stay on the pencil, falls off easily (This issue has been addressed and products no longer have this problem)
-The light and medium colors fall towards the ashy category - good for lighter to medium skin tones, but beware for more olive, tan and darker complexions
-The pencil deposits a lot of product, not as dry a consistency as I prefer for an eyebrow pencil

I addressed my pros and cons with the company and was able to clarify a few issues.  First off, the brow pencils are geared more towards the everyday woman - you definitely don't need to have a makeup background to use these products.  The company did extensive research and picked three brow shades that matched the majority of the population.  The pencils were purposely made soft to help with blendability and to hide imperfections easily.  I truly appreciate the professionalism and customer service behind this company.  They take the time to respond to every personal email.  Many companies don't always appreciate an honest review.  Glitter Gal does, and responds back with details and explanations - a huge plus in my book!

Glitter Gal Australia is expanding into the US and i'm excited to try more of their products to come.  These brow pencils retail for $6.50 and you can check them out at

FTC Disclosure:  Products provided for review.  I am not paid to write this review and not affiliated with the company.  These are my honest thoughts and opinions.

Atlanta Makeup Artist