MAC Pro Class: The "No Makeup" Makeup Look & Haul

Hi Bellas,

I'm back with another video!  I think a lot of you will find this one super helpful.  I recently took a MAC Pro class on how to achieve the "No-Makeup" Makeup look.  This is great for those of us that want a natural yet enhanced look for ourselves or our clients.

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For those of us who have the MAC Pro membership, we're able to take a class each season on a makeup technique or trend.  You pay $100 which goes into a MAC Gift Card, and you attend the 2 hour class.  Our subject was achieving the "No Makeup" Makeup look.  Our MAC Trainer, Fatima Thomas, was super knowledgeable about how to achieve a flawless look.  This is the kind of image you may see in a commercial for lotion or skincare, where the model looks absolutely he/she was born that way.

We had two models - one Asian female and an African-American male.  It was great to see her work magic on two completely different subjects.

I'm going to share with you a few tips I learned from the class:

-It's very important to prep the face and have a healthy looking canvas
-Moisturizer is key to plump up the skin.
-MAC Lightful Softening Lotion is a great light weight moisturizer which is super light, almost like water.  Men don't mind you applying it on them because it is so light weight.
-Use an exfoliator if you can (it can be hard if you have a model and no sink, but you can definitely do this on yourself)
-For lip scrubs, let the client do it on their own so you don't go too hard on their skin.  No lip scrub?  Use a pack of sugar and some lip moisturizer instead.

-Fatima recommends light weight buildable products on the skin like MAC Face and Body, Studio Sculpt, and Select Cover Up concealer.
-She recommends setting the foundation with Mineralized Skin Finish Natural
-For cheeks, pick a cream blush that matches the actual cheek color
-Use cream colour bases for subtle highlights - pearl, luna, hush, and improper copper should cover all skin tones
-Don't over-conceal for men's makeup, leave a little redness and imperfection to the skin to keep them looking masculine and natural

-Studio Fix Powder in C5 is a great universal bronzer color for many skin tones
-The Pro Sculpt & Shape Powders are great a mimicking natural highlight and contours on the face

-Brow hair has a slick look to it, so use a pencil if you're adding on brush strokes.
-Powder works great for filling in sparse areas
-Recommended MAC eyeshadow colors for brows include: coquette, omega, brun, embark, espresso

-Curl the lashes after mascara to keep the hold.  Let the client blink to release the lash from the curler if it sticks.
-Individual lashes are great for enhancing the eyes without looking too obvious

I hope these tips were helpful!  Make sure to check out the video for a complete review of the class and my haul.  Ciao Bellas!

FTC Disclosure:  All products purchased by me.

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