Wedding Guest Look

Hi Bellas,

I recently attended a wedding as both a guest and the makeup artist.  I wanted to share with you my look that I rocked that day.  It was really simple, easy, and especially great for those that have small lid space like me.

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My day started at about 6:30 that morning.  Luckily I had a room in the same hotel as the bridal party.  I did my makeup in a polished yet simple smokey eye with a bit of navy blue.  I needed to keep it simple but nice enough to wear to the wedding later.  You see, I was hired as the makeup artist but was also a friend of the bride and groom, aka also invited to the wedding.  My makeup needed to last about 12 hours since I'd be doing the makeup in the early morning and attending the early evening reception.  I decided to keep the look simple but take time to prime and set.

Here's the makeup after about 10 hours of wear.  Not too bad...just a bit of smudging on the lower lashline.  During the day I had a neutral glossy lip.  I changed into a plum lip to dress it up for the wedding reception.

As you can see, I kept the color pretty low on the lid.  This makes it a very wearable look for a reception where you're not trying to steal the show.  Lashes also help to make a nice pop without being too much.  I used the colors from the Stila Barbie Palette along with some neutrals from MAC.  On my lips I have on a plum gloss from Steelo.  If you have a long day like me, I would also recommend a brow sealer like Benefit Shelaq or Model in a Bottle Brow will lock those suckers in all day!

Hope you all enjoyed!  Stay tuned for a post where I feature the professional pictures from the wedding.

Ciao Bellas!