2010 IMATS Pasadena Huge Haul!

Hi Bellas,

As you all know, I finally attended the infamous 2010 International Makeup Artists Trade Show in Pasadena this last weekend.  It was such an amazing experience and kudos to Makeup Artist Magazine for making it the biggest and best show to date. I know a bunch of you were requesting my haul, and even though I'm out of town, I managed to score an internet connect to make sure to get the hauls up before the buzz was gone.  It was such a long haul that I've split it into two. The first time around, there were some issues with my volume on the Haul Pt 1 but it's fixed now.  I was able to pick up some really amazing items for both my personal and professional kit.  There are some classics that I picked up refills on as well as some new, exciting products.

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As mentioned, IMATS was such an amazing experience.  I already plan on attending the next show in April of 2011.  If you ever have a chance to go, I highly recommend it.  Next year, they're also bringing it to the New York so more of my East Coasters can attend.

I'm still compiling my video and pictures of my overall IMATS experience.  If you have pics with me or any IMATS pics you'd like me to include in the video, please email them to me at makeupbyren@yahoo.com.  In the meanwhile, please enjoy my hauls!

Check out my video haul part 1!

Check out part 2!

Here's a shot of my massive haul which I've been saving up for...about 6 months worth of no MAC Hauls, lol.

Stay tuned for my IMATS experience video and haul coming up :)

FTC Disclosure:  Products mentioned not sponsored by any brands.  Most products purchased by me and some were gifts from sponsored.  This has been detailed in the video.

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