Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Luminess Air Review

Hi Bellas,

If you're a frequenter of late night television like myself, you've probably heard about Luminess Air.  Many a nights have I seen their infomercials.  Even before I began my blog I would see this line and wonder about it.  Fast forward a couple of years later with a blog and freelance makeup experience under my belt, I'm no longer a stranger to airbrush makeup.  I've used several lines of Airbrush Makeup and own two different brands of compressors.  I've been on a mission to try out various airbrush lines because I think that each has their benefits and some work better than others.  

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The Product

I received the Beauty System to try out ($229.90).

What the company says about it:  
"As seen on TV.  This is our most popular model - great for everyday makeup needs.  Features one-touch airbrush system with constant air speed for face and neck.  Includes our easy to use, single-action airbrush stylus.)

First Impressions:
When I first opened the box, I was really impressed with the packaging.  Luminess made a huge effort to make this usually industrial looking type of product into a really pretty, consumer friendly system.  The kit comes in a pretty pink box, with compartments for all the pieces.  You even get a silver clutch which stores the system perfectly also known as the Hello Bag.  In the box you also get a DVD and some really great manuals and brochures.  Great job Luminess!  These items make it really easy to get started.  There's even a section in the brochure for trouble shooting when your airbrush doesn't work.  This is a huge help for those of us who know the frustration of an airbrush not working properly.

The Machine and It's Parts
First off, the compressor is super cute!  It's white with an engraved butterfly on it.  It has a simple on/off button which lights up when turned on and emits a surprisingly strong airflow.  To use the system, all you need to do is plug one end of the power cord into the compressor and the other into an outlet.  The stylus or airbrush gun is already attached to a hose and to the system.  It's a single action stylus which continually blows out air.  As you pull back on the lever, it will release makeup.  You also get an empty bottle where you can add 1/3 water and 2/3 regular drugstore rubbing alcohol.  This will be your airbrush cleaner.  After pushing the on/off button, you'll immediately notice the strong airflow coming from the gun  I was a little surprised because I'm used to adjusting the PSI on my other compressors where as this one just had the one speed.  

After giving myself time to get used to the system, I find that this one speed system actually simplifies the process and makes foundation application super quick and easy.  My first stylus actually had a small defect which made application difficult.  However, after talking with customer service, they immediately fixed the problem by sending me a new one that worked perfectly.  With my foundation application, I pull the lever back gently about 1/3 of the way, and find that the psi is perfect.

I tried the Satin Foundation.  I was given a sampler set in Tan which also came with a bronzer, blush, and luminizer.  Their are twelve foundation shades available in this line.  Luminess conveniently numbered odd shades for warm tones and even shades for cool tones.  My closest match is F-5.  This water based makeup offers a dewy finish.  I have normal to dry skin.  I tried using the foundation just on top of moisturizer but found that I got a little oily in my t-zone.  I now wear it with a bit of primer underneath and I have no real shine issues.  I usually like about a medium coverage with my foundation.  I find that the Satin finish is a bit more on the sheer side so you need more drops than the recommended allowance.  I go into more detail about this on my video tutorial.

Technically, you don't need to set airbrush makeup but I prefer to do so because I don't like the sticky, wet feeling.  This goes with pretty much any kind of foundation that I use.  I use a translucent finishing powder (Purely Cosmetics Diamond Powder) and a powder brush to set.  Luminess also offers their own powders.  This gives a matte finish so if you want, you could always set in the shine-prone areas only to keep a dewy finish.  Browsing through their website, I found that they also carry other lines of foundation...Matte (great for oily skin) and an Ultra Line (great for staying power).  

I actually don't really use Airbrush Blushes/Bronzers/Highlighters.  It's not that they're not great, it's just personal preference.  I prefer using old-school powders.  However, the swatches of the ones I did get are absolutely gorgeous - especially the bronzer.  The blush and bronzer in particular are super duper pigmented and you only need two drops max.  Use with a light hand to avoid looking like a clown.  I show you how to use them in the video.

What they say about the Luminess line is true...you really don't have to be a trained makeup artist to airbrush.  I found this to be the easiest to use system of all the lines I've tried.  There is always a learning curve when it comes to airbrush makeup...give it a few days to get used to it.

Other Components
After looking through the catalog, I was actually pretty impressed by all the product offerings.  Here are some other items available:
-Metallic Colors
-Liquid Concealers
-Airbrush Moisturizer/Primer
-Tanning Products
-Translucent Powders
-Calligraphy Eyeliners
-Other components including a battery pack for travel

-Easy to use
-Super quick application of foundation
-Strong Airflow
-Nice storage system...cute design on compressor
-Foundation looks like skin
-Undertone system easy to understand
-Many products available...Matte, to Satin Foundations, to Body Bronzers
-Instruction Packet & DVD are very clear and easy to follow
-Affordable for an airbrush system
-Easy to clean...only need a mixture of water and drug store alcohol...no need for fancy cleansers.

-If you want to adjust the speed, this one speed system won't allow you do that unless you pull back less on the lever.  You'll need to purchase the Pro 3 speed system.
-The rubber hose attached to the airbrush can get damaged and poked if you're not careful
-Might seem a bit costly at first if you're not used to the idea of purchasing an airbrush system
-No holster for the airbrush stylus
-You go through the Satin foundation quickly...most people will find that you need more than the recommended 6-8 drops.
-Applying blush or eyeshadow with the one speed system may be a little more tricky since you need a smaller amount of pressure
-No cap comes with the airbrush stylus...you have to be careful to hold the cup upright or you'll spill makeup on yourself.

Final Thoughts
I'll be completely honest.  When I first saw Luminess air on TV, I assumed it was not a professional grade product and that the quality was low compared to my other systems.  Interestingly enough, Luminess is actually the #1 selling airbrush system.  After giving myself ample time to review the product, I see why.  They make it easy for the everyday consumer to get the same airbrushed look that you can get from a professional makeup artist.  Many of my readers are very savvy when it comes to their beauty news.  I think this would make a great introduction into airbrush makeup for the everyday user.  Don't forget though...it takes practice to get used to airbrushing.  It won't look as easy as it does on the informercials for the first few days of use.  But with all makeup techniques, practice makes perfect!  Even as a makeup artist, I think this is a great as a personal use system.  If you're using this for professional purposes, I would recommend the three speed system.

You can find products and information at www.luminessair.com.  

You can also check them out at the following links:

Stay tuned for my upcoming tutorial where I show you how to airbrush Luminess foundation, blush, luminizer, bronzer and contour!

FTC Disclosure:  Products provided for review.  I am not affiliated with the company and not paid to write this review.  These are my honest thoughts and opinions.  


Ethereal Prey said...

I've wondered about this product but the price tag made me cringe. it still does. but at least it works. i guess you can't use other foundation with it huh?

jennifer said...

I found the Luminess Air New Beauty Sytem with the tanning kit included for only $159.20! The website I purchased mine from always has 15% off when you order over $75 plus free shipping I actually got 20% off, I guess it was an extra sale. So the kit is selling for $199.00 everyday on www.Skinstore.com but then you get free shipping and the discount is applied once you add it to your cart. (again I got mine for $159.20 after discount and free shipping)

NiTAAH said...

Can you use other type of foundations instead of the ones that comes with it, like; MAC Face & Body or any type of water based foundation?

Ashley09 said...

I have has my Luminess air brush system for almost six months now and love it! it truley does work and covers up everything that ordinary make up will not cover, although i do not use it everyday b/c the make up is a little pricy, it is nice to have when going out :) so anyone who is unsure about it, it is worth it!!!!!!

U.N. Owen said...

A product's packaging - or, how 'cute' it looks, is IRRELEVANT to how the product WORKS.

The secondiseesomeone gushing over the 'presentation'of a item,I stay clear.

No one can tell how anything performs from it's wrapping. It's called 'window dressing' for a reason.

Whether its this product, or any other, I'd suggest the second you see a products' packaging being reviewed - FIRST - you stay clear, as well. That's Abigail tip-off that these-called 'expert' reviewer isn't.

No real expert would EVER gush about a box.


Tania said...

^ wow, what gives there?

Anyway just an FYI that with any airbrush gun of any brandif you press down on the trigger to release air and then pull back on the trigger to release product that's a DUAL action airbrush gun, not a single action. That's actually what I was looking online to find out about Luminess so thanks for this review. :)

Sandra Douglas said...

I will have to say I liked this review. It has answered my questions I have had about the Luminess Air System.

Liv Ann said...

I will have to agree with the comment left by U.N. Owen regarding the possibilty of this review being a fake.
Further evidence of this can be found under the first "Con" listed about the product. It says that only one speed makes application difficult and so you should upgrade.
I've been researching this prodct and have been completely turned off by their deceptive marketing schemes and the game they place with their "30-Day Trial for $29.99". This is false. For them to send you the product, you pay about $80.00. I don't care how much the product is, just don't lie to me about it.

Jackie Marshbanks said...

I just purchase one for 129.00 with a Groupon. I like it but I don't like the colors. My skin is dark. I normally use Mac. Want to know if I can use another water base foundation? has anyone done that???

Shannon C. Ranson said...

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Charles D. Mancuso said...
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Susan @ SunflowerHugs said...

I hope you are able to respond if you are able to use other makeup with it. Please let me know.

Rubel Ahamd said...

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Unknown said...
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Shannon said...
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Shannon said...

I literally just tried the Luminess Airbrush makeup system for the very first time today and I am literally blown away! I'm 37 years-old, I have normal to oily skin with no wrinkles or bags, but very large pores and some dark spots. This system covered my pores and dark spots so evenly and easily! I have never found a foundation that covers both like this one does. Even with my Benefit Porefessional primer (which I did use before I applied the Luminess airbrush foundation). Absolutely NO CONCEALER needed. It looks flawless, lightweight and luminous (no pun intended) on my skin. Take it from me if you are on the fence about this product, like I was, GET IT you will not be disappointed!!