Happy Friday! Will be back soon!

Hi Bellas,

Thanks for getting through the week with me.  It's been hard to post without my laptop and the videos, pictures saved on it, as well as the video editing and photo editing capabilities.  Thank goodness I can blog from work.  Last night the boyfriend continued to run his scans on my laptop's harddrive...we're getting there!

Today is my last day of work and I'm off all next week!  Maybe of you have been hearing me excitedly tweet about going on a cruise need week with the BF to celebrate our anniversary.  I've been on a couple of cruises before, but never with the BF.  I'm really excited but usually I travel with the girls and this is my first trip out of the US with him, finally! 

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We're taking a Carnival Cruise out of Orlando.  This is convenient because I can just spend the night before and after at my parent's house.  I hope the weather stays nice...weather.com has projected t-storms, dern!

Once on the boat, we'll head to the Bahamas and hopefully i'll get in some sun, relaxation and quality time with the BF.  Our plan is to work out every morning so we don't pack on any pounds from that yummy cruise cuisine.

I'll be without internet access for the entire week, so Makeup By Ren Ren will be back the following Monday, January 25th.  Hopefully by then, the laptop will be back up and running!  Miss you guys :)

Atlanta Makeup Artist