Body Magic Makeover

Hi Bellas,

I wanted to share with you some pics of a shoot I did a few months ago.  Have you ever heard of Body Magic?  It's a recent phenomenon that's hit the country.  From what I gathered, it's a girdle type suit for the body that realigns your organs, and helps you lose weight.  Their tagline is "Drop 3 Sizes in 10 Minutes".  Mind you, I'm not a spokesperson for the brand, and have never tried the product; I just did the makeup for the shoot.

I made over two women and they took before and after shots with and without the Body Magic.  Not only were they personal users of the product, but they also were Team Captains and sellers.  These pictures will be used on their website for promotional use.  To go with their new bodies, they also wanted makeovers.  The client below wanted to look fierce with a smokey eye.  She also told me that she's never been able to get a proper foundation match...trips to department store counters like MAC always make her too red.  As a makeup artist, this is where you can step in and show why you're the expert.  Most times, I find myself mixing colors to find the perfect shade.  That's why Foundation Palettes come in handy.

 Funnily enough, my client told me she never wore makeup, but in the end she wanted more makeup!  I wish I took a before shot, the transformation was huge!  As a makeup artist you have to read the body language of your clients.  Try and use your expertise in creating a look that they like as well as one that you know will suit them.

Some shots I took before the shoot.

Action shot.

Update:  My laptop still has a virus and won't even log on.  I had a lot of material on it for videos and posts.  At this time, I'm relying on posting blog entries which I had saved in Blogger and can upload at work.  Hopefully I can have this issue resolved soon and get new material and videos up.  Thanks for your patience!

FTC Disclosure:  I am not a spokesperson for Body Magic and was not paid to promote the brand.