Makeup Lesson - Exploring Mineral Makeup on a Client

Hi Bellas,

Happy New Years's Eve!  I had planned on doing a New Year's look but being sick hasn't attributed to too much makeup lately.  Also, there seems to be a virus on my computer, uh oh!  I'll have my BF take a look and fix it when he comes home on Sunday.  I need him to fix it before I can upload another video because I can't get onto the internet at home.  Unfortunately, he won't be in town to celebrate the New Years with me, but at least i'll have my best friends to share it with me :)  Do you guys have plans tonight?  We're doing it low key this year...potluck and drinks at a friend's house tonight and then we're going to see a basketball game first time finally seeing a pro game!

Meanwhile, I wanted to share with you some pics of a client I did a few months ago.  She came in intending to get advice on producing a mineral makeup line for women of color.  I have tested my fair share of mineral makeup companies, some good and some not so good.  While giving her some tips, I also helped her recreate a daytime and nighttime look.  Having your own mineral makeup company, your makeup needs to be on point!  Too bad I didn't get a before and after shot because it was a great transformation.

Here are some tips and tricks I taught my client during this lesson which you all might be able to benefit from:

  • if you want more coverage from a mineral foundation, try dampening your brush first.  We used the client's own mineral foundation which was okay dry...but when wet it made her skin flawless!
  • if you find a foundation is too light for you, use it in the center of your face will highlight you and make you glow...then you can use a darker one around the outside of your face...this is what I did with the client's makeup when the two shades she hadn't weren't quite a perfect match

  • wearing any kind of eyeshadow base makes a huge difference...she had an eyeshadow palette which she disliked because it looked too chalky on her.  I popped on a MAC paint underneath and voila, the colors transformed and popped!

  • if you have darker lips and have problems trying to achieve a nude lip...try using an apricot/coral shade instead...the warmness will prevent your lips from looking ashy, but it will still give you that nude look

Here's a shot of the smokey look we did together using mainly her own makeup.  I did one side of the face and she did the other...can't tell which one she did right?

That's it for now folks!  Thanks so much for sticking with me in 2009...i'll be back with another post on Monday in 2010.  Love you all!